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    Ski Guides

    Marc: <BR> <BR>Is there a reliable printed ski guide on the market right now? I am using my White Book from 2000. Does this company still produce a ski guide in book form, or only on a C.D? I just bought The Rough Guide to sking and snowboarding in North America, and its okay, but not at the...
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    The future of American Skiing Company

    This should be a fun topic. How long will ASC remain in business? From what I have read on the internet, I give them 6 more months until they go under. Even more important, is what will happen to the resorts that they own.
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    Belleayre Mtn N.Y 4-17-04

    Todays ski conditions: <BR> <BR>Snow Surface: Mashed Potatoes <BR>Trail Count: 26 wait 25 wait <BR>Weather: HOT HOT HOT 75+F <BR> <BR>I made the trip up to Belleayre today, and boy was the weather very warm. I did not expect to be skiing today at such warm temperatures, but after a warm front...
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    Sugarloaf ME 4/09 - 4/11 2004

    I decided to go back to Sugarloaf after all, seeing as how they recieved 6" of new snow on April 4th, I just could not resist and ski Vermont instead. The mountain is in good shape considering that they have had very little snow this year. Alot of the extreme skiing such as Bubblecuffer, Winters...
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    Belleayre Mtn N.Y 3-20-04

    Well I guess that the snow gods were finally smilling for Catskill skiers, as today was on of the best days of my season. I skied Belleayre today for 5 hours straight and the conditions were excellent. I was up on top of the mountain at 9:00am sharp and conditions were 100% groomed packed powder...
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    Easter Weekend

    I want to take a ski vacation during Easter weekend, does anyone have suggestions as to what would be safe for this time period. We wanted to take a family trip back to Sugarloaf, but the drive is just to far for only 3 days. I was thinking about going to Whiteface, but I do not know if this is...
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    Ski Plattekill N.Y 02-14-04

    I was too tired last night to post this report, but I spent yesterday at Ski Plattekill in Andes N.Y. I have not been to this place in two years time and I wanted to do some skiing with the new (old double chair from Belleayre) installed on the northface. Conditions were mixed with most of the...
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    Catamount NY/MA 02-01-04

    I just returned from a day trip to Catamount ski area. For anyone not familar with this place, the mountain straddles the New York, Massachusetts state line. It is possible to ski in two states in one day at the same mountain. This is a ski area with 1000' vertical drop and 29 trails. The...
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    Saddleback ME 1-17/04

    With warmer weather in the forecast I decided to spend two extra days in the mountains of western <BR>Maine. After checking out of our condo at Sugarloaf on Friday morning and the mountain being on wind hold, we decided to spend the night in Rangeley. I spent the afternoon on friday going...
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    Mt Orford PQ 1-15-04

    I decided to take a day trip from Sugarloaf to Mt Orford in Quebec. My brother lives in Montreal so we met up for a day of skiing. We started out the day leaving Sugarloaf at 6:45am with the temperature at -21F. Route 27 to the border was icy and snow packed making 40-45mph the top speed for...
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    Sugarloaf ME 1-12 - 1- 14 2004

    I just returned home last night from my one week vacation at Sugarloaf. Despite my hesitation about taking the trip due to the poor snow conditions and forecast extreme cold, it turned out to be a good ski vacation after all. We arrived on sunday afternoon 1/11 to 1-2" of new snow on the...
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    Sugarloaf conditions

    Has anyone been up to Sugarloaf in the last week or so. By the looks of the ski report and the trail count being reduced from 68 trails to 43, the mountain must be in poor shape. Im just wondering if it is worth the 500 mile drive. Is anywhere in the east better right now for a vacation next week?
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    Mohawk Mtn CT 1/1/04

    I've just returned from an afternoon ski trip to Mohawk Mtn ski area in Cornwall Connecticut. For anyone not familiar with this area, it is a small family oriented ski area in the northwest corner of the state. The mountain contains 23 trails with a 640' vertical drop. This might not sound like...
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    Happy new year

    Happy (and hopefully snowy) new year to all.
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    Hunter, N.Y 12/28/03

    Just returned from a ski day at Hunter Mtn. This was a beautiful ski day with many variable surface conditions depending on the slope exposure. I started out the ski day with 6 continuos runs off of the Snowlite Express chair at 9:15AM. The first run of the day was Belt Parkway with HP/PP...
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    Winter storm warning for northern New England

    The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning for the northern Green Mountains of Vermont and the Adirondacks in New York. The western facing slopes of the mountains could recieve 4-8" with locall 12" amounts in favored locations. Sounds good to me!!! For more info check out...
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    Woodbury Ski Area CT November 9th 2003

    I just returned from a ski trip to Woodbury Ski Area in connecticut. After looking at there webcam photo and calling the ski report, I decided to take the trip with my wife and son to get my first tracks of the season. The skiing was okay with adequate base depths of about 2-24" and there were...
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    Tenney Mountain snowtubbing delayed

    The Tenney Mt website states that the snowmagic snowmaking equiptment has been delayed in getting to the resort due to a dock strike in New York. The new tentative date for the start of snow tubbing is now June 28th.
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    Killington November 1st 1987

    <IMG SRC="" ALT="Upper Cascade November 1st 1987"> <BR> <BR> <BR><IMG SRC="" ALT="Killington November 1st 1987"> <BR> <BR> <BR>My first Killington pictures.
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    Blue Mountain Resort, Ontario, 02-12-20

    the recent rain amd mild temperatures have made for some crunchy conditions, but good coverage still and what seems to be setting up for a nice park. No pipes are open yet, but will be very soon. now that cold temps are back, look for the entire hill (mountain??) to be open in the next week...