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  1. Bluebird Day

    Another Major Snow Storm Heading For?

    New Jersey??.... maybe we can put some lifts on the landfills in Staten Island. :ski: What can New England do to move out this blocking high??? ](*,)
  2. Bluebird Day

    NE Gets Screwed Again? ... &article=2 And I don't mean the "Pats". :rotfl:
  3. Bluebird Day

    Another storm is a'comin?? ... nth-storm/ [-o<
  4. Bluebird Day

    AVY Safety Inbounds?

    Given all of the inbound avies reported in the recent seasons, how many of "you" carry a shovel, probe and beacon when skiing inbound terrain? I have not to date, but may start when conditions are ripe for slides. 8-[
  5. Bluebird Day

    Documentary on the building of the new JH Tram

    Last night NatGeo Channel televised a documentary on the building of the new tram at JHWY. It was great IMHO. \:D/ ... 1/Overview
  6. Bluebird Day

    Avy Warnings Out in South Philly for Fri-Sat

    YO Adrian!!! Get me my beacon, shovel and probe...... WARNING! Major Snowstorm for Mid-AtlanticUpdated: Thursday, December 17, 2009 2:58 PM A powerful East Coast storm will clobber the mid-Atlantic region later Friday into Saturday. Heavy snow from western North Carolina to southern New...
  7. Bluebird Day

    Another Storm A'brewin?

    Potential Eastern Snowstorm this WeekendUpdated: Monday, December 14, 2009 2:47 PM The southern Appalachians through the Northeast could be dealing with a snowstorm this weekend, as a storm moving out of the Gulf of Mexico meets up with just enough cold air to the north. \:D/ At this...
  8. Bluebird Day

    Jonesing for a Trip Out West

    I am trying to get out West for a last minute trip in early January and would like you to know if any of you folks have ever skied Wolf Creek, CO. The claim to get the most snow in Colorado. :-k Current Snowfall Summit Base Depth : 76 Inches Last 24 Hours : 13 Inches Last 48 Hours : 27 inches...
  9. Bluebird Day

    Best Chance for Face Shot in North East

    Holiday Valley, New York? Very windy Thursday AM, cold and heavy snow through the weekend. Lake effect snow through Saturday morning with feet of snow possible. Thursday high 22 low 15, Friday 22/14. A bit warmer during the day over the weekend with possible sun on Sunday. =D> Great thing...
  10. Bluebird Day

    Where to take the family?

    OK, after all my hot air about skiing primarily out West, I am going to put myself out there and ask for some advice on where to take the family (New England bred wife who rips and my 5 yr old skier and 2 yr old slider) skiing within 3-4 hours of NYC. I am not too happy about my experiences at...
  11. Bluebird Day

    Hype or No Hype, that is the question?

    Latest Thinking on Weekend East Coast StormUpdated: Wednesday, December 02, 2009 8:14 AM There continues to be concern here at that a storm may bring snow to the East Coast this weekend. Enough cold air will be in place, but the key to where and if any snow falls will be the...
  12. Bluebird Day

    Mini Ice Ages can happen Fast!

    A Ten Month Ski Season \:D/
  13. Bluebird Day

    Storm Prediction High/Low

    Just for fun... no money. Predict the date of the first significant snow storm for the East Coast. "Significant Snow Storm" is defined as 12 inches or more of snow on top of the picnic table at the base of any resort on the East Coast. I'll start with December 9th..... :snowball fight:
  14. Bluebird Day

    Turkey and Turns Not Looking Likely in NE

    Unfortunately, the NE weather has not been agreeable with my plan to work off some turkey and mashpoes with some turns. Let's hope for skiing by Xmas. 8-[
  15. Bluebird Day

    The Ultimate Ski Vehicle

    I'll go first.... while setting the bar high. \:D/
  16. Bluebird Day

    Car Camping Rules for East Coast Areas

    I am putting a cap on my truck I'm wondering if anyone has any experience car camping in East Coast resort parking lots. I get the impression that they don't permit it, but..... :-k
  17. Bluebird Day

    Where'd all the skis go?

    I ventured into three ski shops over the past rainy weekend to kick some tires and noticed that the "ski wall" at each shop was less than 50% of what it had in prior years. Clearly, the shops are ordering less skis. I was looking for a new fat ski to take out West this year (demos are getting...
  18. Bluebird Day

    Who Skis at "Huntah"? Somebody must!

    Does anyone have any entertaining Hunter Mountain experiences? I have not skied there in 20 years, but even back then, it was quite a cultural experience. YO!
  19. Bluebird Day

    Snow Snorkels for New Jersey this winter?

    Now Accuweather is predicting a cold and snowy winter for the Mid-Atlantic. ... 0-14_18:20
  20. Bluebird Day