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    Laurentian Quebec Snow Report 2018/19

    The laurentian region did not pick up the November snow like Northern Vermont but they did pick up the rain. December had record rain and freezing rain resulting in the snow pack being about 8 to 12 inches of granular ice. About half the trails are still closed and the ones that are open are...
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    Happen to be near Perisher NSW, visiting kid # 2 who moved to Australia from Jasper, Alberta two years ago. This is about as far as i can go from my Quebec base for skiing. Skiing was quite good once you find your way around. Lot of flat sections and not very steep but still a lot of...
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    JAY PEAK VT , March 17 2018

    The 6 to 7 feet of snow reported is legit. Yesterday, powder and tracked powder everywhere,even Canam had soft tracked up dry powder snow. Normally this trail is all ice and rock. You could not go wrong yesterday in where you picked to ski as the entire mountain was easy turning. The Tram and...
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    Bolton Valley VT, March 10, 2018

    Skied Bolton Valley today after the area received over a foot of snow over the last few days. The new snow opened up all the terrain . Found the best snow off the wilderness chair which was running today. From this lift you can pick your own lines down thru the trees which starts off...
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    Laurentian , Quebec Snow Report 2017/18

    Late in posting this as season has been rough . These are the current stats. The amount of snow on the ground is at 92 cm while the total amount of snow received to date is at 231 cm at a elevation of 1600' average. The big story this season is the rain as normally having a base of 3 feet is...
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    Kicking Horse, Golden BC Feb . 10,11,12. 2018

    Three more days on the horse . No new snow since the storm last Thursday so conditions are now packed powder and hard pack. Snow conditions are holding up as limited up hill lift capacity and lots of hiking to inbound chutes and bowls spreads the crowd around. Hiking T1 and T2 offer great...
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    Kicking Horse,Golden BC Feb 8,9

    Arrived in Golden BC late Wednesday afternoon in heavy snow and just before the Trans Canada highway closed in both directions. Highway to the west opened up Thursday night while the eastern direction opened up on Friday. So after getting over the drive it was now time to ski. KH has received...
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    JAY PEAK VT JAN 20 2018

    Arrived at the hill late today (10.30 am) and not a good sign seeing guys drinking beer at bar at 10.30 in the morning. A damp overcast flat light day out on the mountain with the summit obscured in clouds and a stiff breeze blowing to say the least. The trails took a pounding from the rain (...
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    Jay Peak VT Dec 15/16 , 2017

    Have been skiing JP since early December and can say that they are out in front with natural snow totals and amount of base .Nevertheless , it is still early in the season and skiing off trail in the woods should be done with caution as there is still plenty of gullies...
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    JAY PEAK VT , APRIL 14 , 2017

    Skied Jay on Friday ( April 14 ) still excellent coverage ( glades and all ) . No snow anywhere except up on the mountain but natural trails were still holding up . On Friday, the report had 70 of 78 trails open . Considering the grass in the valleys is turning green and you can still...
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    Jay Peak VT MARCH 16, 2017 POWDER

    Anthony jr using his college season pass ($199.00 cdn ) made it out to Jay on the 16th and sent a still shot from his filming . Talk of waist deep snow on the 16th was the word.
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    Smugglers Notch VT March 17,2017

    Skied SN yesterday under clear conditions with no wind. The ski area's web page reports over 50 inches of new snow from the last storm. Skiing was great with packed powder and tracked up powder but the winds did a number on the upper mountain steeps exposing the vast amount of rock ledges...
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    Kicking Horse , Golden BC Feb. 9 ,2017

    Epic pow day at KH today as over a foot of snow today easy. Powder run after powder run all day long. Not much else to say. Making the long trip home tomorrow with more snow and road closures. Overall 9 days of skiing and all fine as a " Born from Ice " eastern skier.
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    Revelstoke , BC Feb. 7 , 2017

    Quick report , Skied Revelstoke yesterday under clear conditions with chopped up powder and powder . Excellent conditions . Major storm on the way with over a foot of snow forecasted. Travel warnings to go into effect tonight and tomorrow. Also a avalanche has temporarily closed the Trans...
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    Kicking Horse , Golden BC Feb.2,3,4,5 2017

    KH,Having trouble with forum staying logged in but reporting skiing is excellent as new snow (about 10 inches )over the last 48 hours. Pics below are before the snow started and the last day with clear conditions
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    Kicking Horse , Golden BC Feb. 1, 2017

    Back in Golden BC and skied KH today. Quick report , hasn't been a significant snow for a few weeks so the alpine is hardpacked and wind blown but no issues holding a edge. Technical turns required as not a floating day in the alpine. Mid mountain and especially lower mountain need snow as...
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    As mentioned on the Jay site , parking is a issue . In anticipation of the parking problem , Mrs Anthony took one for the team and agreed to be the designated driver . Arriving at Jay at 8.30 am with parking already full ,we were dropped off at customer service to join the masses getting...
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    Jay Peak VT , January 1 2017

    Skied Jay today as the amount of snow falling on Jay this year is unbelievable. Practically another foot fell last night creating more powder and packed powder conditions. Jay is skiing at its best with all areas 100% open. Since it is Jay you still have the wind blown areas but even the wind...
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    Laurentian Snow Report 2016/17

    Slow start in the Laurentians this year, better than last year but that doesn't mean much. Started the season off at Jay Peak VT (which is skiing fine) while waiting for the Laurentians to fill in. Currently snow depths on the ground are averaging about 1.5 ' with no base. snow making is...
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    Tremblant April 16th , 2016

    Skied Tremblant today. First time back in about 4 years. The forecast today was for lots of sun and warm temps so could not resist. Skied solo as the gang at the house have lost interest . The day started off a bit chaotic as large crowds and limited ticket agents with a dark cloud...