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  1. salida

    Stowe/Vail rumors

    Word around the lift corrals in Stowe is the deal will be announced Monday morning.
  2. salida

    AltaBird, UT 5/7/2011

    Looks like the storm moving in will be pretty wet. 2plus inches of moisture. Could make for some great skiing Mon-wed, and a nice refresher to the pack for next weekend. Hopefully we set into a good freeze thaw cycle now that the snow pack is getting delayered by the recent warm percolation...
  3. salida

    Alta, UT 5/1/11 - Closing Day

    Just awful out the SB gates too!
  4. salida

    Snowbird Expansion Plan-Your thoughts?

    Snowbird hasn't opened pipeline yet this year. Mary Ellen already gets demo'd by the Powder Birds. I wonder if they gates to WP will be near permanent closures like the Gad2 gate and pipeline hike?
  5. salida

    AltaBird, UT 3/5-8/11

    Thanks Marc, glad to hear you guys have been having fun out there.
  6. salida

    AltaBird, UT 3/5-8/11

    The skiing really has been awful.
  7. salida

    Cardiff Fork backcountry, UT - 1/23/11

    Good stuff. Stoked to see you out enjoying the other flank of LCC!
  8. salida

    Alta, UT 12/12/10

    Better then getting horizontal with the table.
  9. salida

    OK, now I'm ready for the snow. Bring it on.

    Yar. I spent 3 weeks on 188 S7s in December of 08. They're quick and nibble, but ski significantly shorter than 188. I'd say they ski more like 175-180s, with all the elf toe business. They are very quick edge to edge and hold an almost slalom like edge on the groomers. I must say though...
  10. salida

    Go salida & mbaydala!

    Hey Guys! Thanks for the shout out. I'm hoping to win, and throw down some serious skiing. Here's some stoke from the morning ski, and some other miscellaneous goods from the past few weeks. Also wrote up a big trip from the wind river range here...
  11. salida

    TR Great Basin National Park

    Thanks, Tony. Still can't run full out. Or jump very high -- although I probably couldn't before I got hurt. Another month and I hope to be back to normal. Have a 10 day trip lined out for the Wind Rivers next week, can't wait!
  12. salida

    TR Great Basin National Park

    Thanks Tony. I'm not 100% yet, but getting closer. Just happy to be outside again.
  13. salida

    TR Great Basin National Park

    Thought some of you might be interested in hearing about this place. Weekend-able from SLC, and a nice out of the way place. Nevada. America’s 34th state, and most arid. Chock full of desert. A mere 86% of Nevada’s land is owned by the Federal Government. Not only that, but it’s home to...
  14. salida

    First-person tale of near-fatal avalanche

    Didn't mean to take anything away from Seth's story. His account is harrowing. He's a lucky man. Thanks all for the kind words. Porter
  15. salida

    First-person tale of near-fatal avalanche

    I've got a story of my own - ... 10/busted/
  16. salida

    Wolvy Tour

    Ran into most of you around Alta on Saturday. We took a Sunset peak, tuscarora, wolvy and patsey lap. Skiing was great where the wind hadn't blasted it. Basically all skied well but the very top of wolvy, both on the wolvy and tuscarora side. Skied off the pfief today, the snow had much...
  17. salida

    Alta, UT 2/14/2010

    One of my best days at altabird in recent memory. Started w dead first down thirds. Followed by seconds down eddies. Then maybe 10th down high notch. Back to first for a recent opening of badnews. Then third or fourth track down skiers right key hole. Up the tram and set the nuckle head out road...
  18. salida

    Alta, UT 2/13/2010

    Equally nice in the bc today. BTW. Perry, damn it. Get your arms down!
  19. salida

    Alta, UT 1/23/10

    Got up the road between 935 and the 10 closure. Was in the gad lot by 10. Was country club skiing until about noon. 8 Gad laps. Got crowded so we went up to alta. Where they promptly opened at about 115. Skied three wildcat laps down to the road. Glorious. No stealing these pics, please.
  20. salida

    Alta, UT 12/14/09

    Mineral by Saturday. Also, I'd wager that they get Supreme open by the weekend. Next weekend starts the influx of holiday visitors. Going to be scary to have these places open up and provide such easy access to places like rocky point, wolverine, etc. Someone is going to get hurt while this...