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  1. Powderqueen

    Killington 12/7/13

    Killington was just as crazy as always on the WROD. Weather was wintry, and the warm days prior made the base firm and fast. We got out there early and skied the non-snowmaking areas first before they got skied off...and that they surely did. The sound of teenage boys on snowboards scraping...
  2. Powderqueen

    Greek Peak opened earliest ever!!

    Greek Peak opened this past Friday (the day after Thanksgiving). They ran 3 lifts with 3 trails. It was pretty good. A little crowded, but not as bad as Killington's Great Northern to Bunny Buster. They are working hard on the new bar/restaurant to get it open by the holidays. Same for the...
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    Harvey Road magazine put up a piece I wrote about Montana
  4. Powderqueen

    Greek Peak lives!!!

    New owners from Elmira bought it for $7.5 million. Debt load was $47 million. Seasons passes are on sale for $299 (and much less if you buy for your family). We are all pretty happy about this here. They new owners are skiers and plan to expand glades and snowmaking. It may be a while before...
  5. Powderqueen

    Big Sky 3/22-3/23 2013

    I've been to a lot of ski resorts throughout the US, Canada and a few in Europe, but I don't think I've ever been as awed as I was by Big Sky. It was our 5th and 6th consecutive days of skiing, and we were pretty beat, but the awesomeness of this mountain renewed our energy. The tram had not...
  6. Powderqueen

    Ski Discovery MT 3/21/13

    Ski Discovery is a gem, off the beaten path, with a 2400 vertical drop and a very steep backside. We were there on a Wednesday and there were barely 100 people there and they were not skiing where we were skiing. We skied as much untouched powder as our legs allowed after 4 days of skiing.
  7. Powderqueen

    Whitefish Montana 3/18-3/20 2013

    Three powder days included a bluebird day! Super snow, spectacular views fabulous terrain. Last day was a typical Montana day with no views, but lots of new snow. Great way to start off our vacation. My 3 traveling companions, plus Denis Bogan from skivt-l This is Denis, he's in his 70s...
  8. Powderqueen

    Greek Peak is making snow!!

    They may be opening on Friday. Hopefully all the press didn't scare off too many pass purchases. I always buy mine in the spring. I was not worried. They have to open. The place can make money if only it is managed better. Hopefully they got a better marketing director. Seems like their...
  9. Powderqueen

    Killington Lucky Friday the 13th

    Bluebird day in forecast. $35 Liftopia lift tix. Unpacked the skis and spring ski clothes. Killington on a weekday was wonderfully mellow. The skiing was excellent. Bonus day. Extremely worthwhile day off from work. Photos and Trip Report are here ...
  10. Powderqueen

    Tahoe 1/30-2/3

    At least it snowed 5' last week. Would've been really bad if that snow hadn't fallen and half the group were going to bail. We had 11 people in the group and we rented a beautiful home near Tahoe City. ... kBearLodge Everyone showed up with low...
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  12. Powderqueen

    Red Mountain, Big Red Cats and Whitewater Feb 28 - March 5

    Six of us just returned from a dream vacation. Six powdery days, very cool vibe, quaint mountain towns. No crowds, lift lines or compeition for fresh snow. We had fresh snow every run until the lifts closed. Red was awesome with it's steep glades and Whitewater was a powder skier's fantasy. Cat...
  13. Powderqueen

    Whitewater 3/3/11

    Whitewater is another gem. So much more laid back and mellow than Red. And the trees...well, the tree skiing here is as good with much more snow than Red. The elevation is higher so the snow is better and much deeper. The lower vertical is welcome after 3 days skiing Red's 3000' steep Granite...
  14. Powderqueen

    Big Red Cats March 1, 2011

    Six of us had an epic day of cat skiing with Big Red Cats. It was incredibly fun. We had a great group and each run was spectacular. Here is more with pix
  15. Powderqueen

    Red Mountain, BC 2/28/11

    After 7 years, I have returned to Red Mountain. Big change from the usual Utah trip. Great vibe here. Canadian mining town turned ski town that is a small town gem. Red Mountain delivered the goods on our first day. Thank you La Nina! and thank you Granite and Red Mountains for your steep...
  16. Powderqueen

    Gore Mountain 12/4/10

    First day of the season for me. Lotsa new gear and a knee that had a full summer of physical therapy to correct a patella tracking issue that was likely caused by skiing + poor fitting ski boots + flat feet with bunions. All this caused a little anxiety prior to skiing. I picked up my brand new...
  17. Powderqueen

    Another stellar weekend of spring skiing

    If you are in the east and didn't ski this weekend, you really missed out. Gore was fantastic. Two sunny beautiful warm days with perfect corn. Plenty of cover in the trees. Once it softened, we spent most of our time there. Enjoyed skiing with a big group of people, including Harvey44 and met...
  18. Powderqueen

    Greek Peak 3/17/2010

    It was pretty darn nice out yesterday, so I bailed from work early and hit the slopes at 3pm. Night skiing is over at GP but they are running the lifts until 6pm. Coverage was good in the snowmaking areas. Anything with no snowmaking was unskiable. We did laps on Hercules most of the...
  19. Powderqueen

    Greek Peak March 11, 2010

    After 4 sunny days of skiing warm rotting snow in my backyard I finally had some time to get to Greek Peak to see how the warm weather has worn down all that great snow that fell two weeks prior. I arrived just after 3pm. The snow was so slow and sticky it skied like peanut butter. I took a...
  20. Powderqueen

    Gore Mountain March 7, 2010

    Gore was simply spectacular! Since we drove from Lake Placid and stopped at The Gear Source on North Creek on the way, we didn't actually get skiing until just after 10am. By that time crisp cold morning was warming up and the snow softening. We did our first 3 runs on south facing slopes to...