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    US Car Hire

    Cheers ChrisC that is certainly something I hadn't considered. One to look at while watching X Games this weekend. A quick look at work and it seems fairly easy on the train to get from SeaTac to downtown too. $1500 is rediculous compared to what I have ever paid even for 6 weeks in the past and...
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    US Car Hire

    Anyone got any great ideas to get a half decent deal for a SUV or truck hired in Seattle? I've searched high and low in the main places I search and struggling to get anything under 1500 bucks for 4 weeks. Only half decent deals were with Next Car or something but digging into the details you...
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    1) I would generally say no. A huge number of days especially as I have aged I don't even stop for lunch or at most maybe a soup or a beer. Occasionally I will have a bit more if there is something I really fancy as a special at Discovery but that is rare. 2) Quite a few spring to mind espcially...
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    Schweitzer, ID New Year's Dec 31, 2022 - Jan 2, 2023

    Brilliant. Have had many a good day there over the last 20 years. A place I would love to revisit again in the future!
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    Season Plans: 2022-23

    After much debate after getting work approval I finally made up my mind. I could either go 3rd March - 3rd April and get best conditions but miss closing weekend, 10th - 10th got me last weekend but much higher airfares or 17th - 17th giving me final weekend but a week where any money saved on...
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    Season Plans: 2022-23

    During my ill-fated trip to MT in March 2020 my company that I worked for lost the contract for IT support of Total O&G. I touped over to the new company but had big doubts and a battle to get them to allow me to use most/all of my vacation time on a trip each year. During my last appraisal...
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    ski-air travel stories

    Have a few that spring to mind. 2002, first ever trip to Montana/Idaho/Washington that we booked ourselves. To get out of Aberdeen the previous days final KLM flight from AMS must land at 10pm for it to take off at 6am. Anyway, we were on the 9am flight out but there had been a problem the day...
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    Discovery Basin, MT: March 16, 2021

    My experience is that even on the busiest weekends the line at 9.30 on the front side is quickly dealt with. It then gives you time to lap the front side and jump on the lift in time for rope drop to Limelight/Granite. I cant recall exactly but seem to recall 15-20 minute waits at Limelight...
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    Discovery Basin, MT: March 16, 2021

    I don't find it that bad at the weekends in March but it certainly tails off from late February. My friends say weekends now are unbearable in Jan/Feb with more and more Bozeman plates appearing annually and most powder days are really busy. I know it was a powder day but the coverage in...
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    2021-22 Season Plans & Delta Variant

    My plans are exactly like 2021. I will not be skiing in the US. Border still closed means even contemplating booking anything is impossible, I can't even begin to think about booking time off work if I can't reasonably expect to travel as the thought of 5 weeks sitting at home in March on...
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    Discovery Basin, MT: March 16, 2021

    Great to see someone visit home! Hopefully I'll get back in 2023. Few random points more for info than anything else. Both East and West Bowls have cut throughs which I'd use 90% of the time V the long cat track in West Bowl and the bumps in East Bowl. Both have names given by regulars, One is...
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    2020-21 Recap

    Around 70% of the UK adult population have had their first dose which includes me after last week's shot of Pfizer. Can't quite recall the figure that has had both but guess it must be 30% or more. I suspect proof of vaccine eventually will be enough especially to other countries with equally...
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    2020-21 Recap

    2020-21 Recap Zero, Zilch, Feck all, Nothing :bow: Not that I would likely have went anyway but Scotland had a lockdown that meant early in the winter people had to stay in their local authority area, so for me meant Aberdeen City Council area so couldn't travel outwith the city for anything...
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    The Future of FTO

    Man I hope this doesn't disappear. It's probably the only forum that I actively participate on as the resorts visited by many are places I have either been to or want to go to in the PNW primarily. The only other forum I check in on is the Big Sky and Snowbowl threads on TGR but I don't post as...
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    Discovery, MT, Mar. 4, 2021

    Good to be back, hibernated through the lost winter of 2021, better not have to do the same in 2022 but currently I'm ~50/50 if I'll get out to the USA in March
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    Maverick, MT, Mar. 5, 2021

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading about your trips Tony. I've been so pissed off and not interested that I haven't checked in here or TGR forum hardly at all all winter. Hopefully next winter I will get back home to MT.
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    Turner Mt., MT, Feb. 28, 2021

    The one remaining place in Montana I have never skied. Closest I got was maybe 10 years ago, was skiing at Blacktail and had a room booked in Libby for that night, checked on my laptop in the Blacktail lodge and found Turner had decided not to open the next day. Posted on Facebook that I had...
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    Discovery, MT, Mar. 4, 2021

    A shame indeed! Would have pointed out and taken Tony to some real skiing :lol:
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    Mt. Spokane, WA: March 12, 2021

    Brings back many happy memories of my first ever ski tour back in 2002. \:D/
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    Big Sky Implements Surcharge For Lone Peak Tram

    Can't really disagree with much that has already been mentioned. Without Lone Peak and the Headwaters I wouldn't bother looking near Big Sky. Other than good times with friends the groomers while long are boring IMO. That said in the last 5 years I have had some really really good days lapping...