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  1. awf170

    What Season Would be Complete Without East vs. West?

    Yep, EC spring skiing sucks. Right Icelanticskier? :lol:
  2. awf170

    June 1, 08 - Golfing and field work down South.

    How about before the start of next ski season? I know I'm pushing it, huh? :lol:
  3. awf170

    another ec pow day with sun no wind day 50 celebration

    Crap! I wanted to do Cardigan yesterday, but had no one to do it with so just said "screw it" and went to Wawa for a few hours of crappy carving. :x Temps up 20's?! Yesterday? At Wawa it was 12 degrees at the summit at 11am
  4. awf170


    Wow. Just looked at the GoS cam. Those gullies are fat! I would say they are bigger than they ever were last year, and about equal to the year before. Hmm... hoping the avi danger will calm down for tuesday and thursday so I can get some sweet spring skiing in. After freezing at MRG...
  5. awf170

    Mad River Glen, VT: 01/01/08

    It wasn't that much behind my other days. It was just slightly worse. The snow was actually too fluffy. Even with a foot of untracked you constantly bottomed out. And once you bottomed out you hit bumps. Personally I prefer dense snow to powder, unless there is over 2 ft. The Dec. 16/17...
  6. awf170

    Mad River Glen, VT: 01/01/08

    It was good, but not that good. Today was my 4th lift served day this season at MRG and actually the worst. I'm not saying that it wasn't great, it just wasn't as good as the others. Though the absolutely brutal cold probably had something to do with it.
  7. awf170

    Mad River Glen, VT: 01/01/08

    I'll be at Mad River... have fun at work. :P (sorry I had to)
  8. awf170

    The Good and the Bad News

    He means top to bottom runs because there is snow all the way to the base, not car lapping runs. I was confused at first too. Also, although the eastside looks good to go, the westside is still looking very thin, almost every storm this season has been followed by strong east winds. Perfect...
  9. awf170

    The Good and the Bad News

    Sweet, spring skiing on Mt. Washington in January!
  10. awf170


    ...because he wants less people at Jay. :P
  11. awf170

    First Nor'easter possible late this week

    So who is down for some auto road skiing on Sunday if this works out?
  12. awf170

    Freaking lines!

    Yeah, I was thinking that might be the reason. Also, I was thinking whole entire area, not specific spots. Also, not just this forum but all ski forums.
  13. awf170

    Freaking lines!

    Sweet pics. ...but I kind of curious, what is the big deal about keeping this stuff secret? I'm pretty sure I know where you are and it is in the middle of nowhere has a lot of terrain. Will a few more skiers really make a huge difference? I mean quite a lot of people know about the other...
  14. awf170

    What's left on Mt. Washington?

    Check it out: Looking very good. For some reason I don't think my parents would be very keen on this idea...
  15. awf170

    What's left on Mt. Washington?

    They're cooked. The snowfields a little north from Lakes of the Clouds are probably still decent, but that is quite far from the auto road. Monroe Brook may actually still be a pretty good option, but it might also be very sketchy since there is a raging river under the snow.
  16. awf170

    What's left on Mt. Washington?

    Pretty much nothing. You could link together some decent vert. of the Westside, but it would defiantly involve some rock scrambling. East snowfields are toast, the GG is pretty much done. The Upper part of the GG trail might still be in, but will probably have a lot of rocks sticking out.
  17. awf170

    Wildcat NH - May 6, 2007

    Darn... Thanks any ways though. I think I may just go for it monday since Tucks is looking quite crappy. Worse comes to worse I end up waist deep in a frigid Monroe Brook...
  18. awf170

    Wildcat NH - May 6, 2007

    Did you get a view into Monroe Brook? If so, does it still look good?
  19. awf170

    Jay Peak, VT: 04/13/07

    I just watched the video, then read this. I don't want to know what last weekend was like. I just love when I come home from what I thought was a very good day of skiing then look at your report. :roll: :lol:
  20. awf170

    Volkl Mantra Demo Review

    My opinion is that it is basically impossible to find a ski that will cover an east coast powder day + the day after. Even if you are only skiing the woods. Basically for me I want a ski with a very small turn radius for the first few runs because I want to carve quick turns in the powder...