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    Whistler Transportation

    i actually think sachi is better than sushi village, but that's just me.
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    Whistler Transportation

    you gotta choose your days carefully on peak to creek. if you can hit it after a nice snowfall when the groomers went through the night before, it can be a great run. those rolls can make you feel like a world cup downhiller. but as i said, this year it seems that they are only grooming once a...
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    Blackcomb, 1/13/08

    tony - you were here at the right time. conditions have been about as good as they get for the past few weeks. i have found that from about dec 15 - jan 15 we get the most / best snow, with pretty consistently cold temps. a friend sent me some pretty cool pics of that avi that ran above...
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    Whistler Transportation

    1/3 of the time seems like a generous estimate. the first time it ran this year was after xmas i think, and since then it only seems to run on days where there is unlimited visibility and zero snow in the forecast - how often does that happen in whistler?? that thing was a colossal waste of...
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    Whistler Transportation

    hey there - hope you had a good trip. sorry i missed adding info earlier. can't go wrong right about now. we've had great consistent snow and temps since the end of december. everyone's got their mountain preference, mine is whistler, except in foul weather when the alpine lifts are closed...
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    Merry Christmas from Mt Bachelor

    great pics! looks like an awesome place.
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    whistler snow reports

    hey folks - as some of you know, i check in here every couple of weeks with a local update. well, i've started my own little snow report blog which i update more frequently: none of the hype you get on the website...i'll say when it's snowing...
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    winter is officially here

    hey - unfortunately the forecast isn't offering much at this point. high skies for the rest of the week. it's not bad up there, but nothing like last year where we got pounded for two weeks solid and they opened the alpine with incredible coverage and quality of snow. we really need another...
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    winter is officially here

    well, we've got snow, so that's bound to attract some visitors :wink: Sharon, so true - i always feel terrible when i'm packing up my stuff and the dog has to stay home. they are the perfect riding partner. always up for whichever trail you want and never complain about getting cold or hungry.
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    winter is officially here

    she's learned it's much easier to follow someone else's line than to go for the fresh. i wish i could get her to beat a boot pack for me.
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    winter is officially here

    i dunno, but a season's pass is $1400. i'll grin and bear it...
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    Weather Forecasts

    dude - i know where you're coming from. i never used to care about the weather at all until i moved to the mountains. now i check the environment canada site 5 times a day and i'm always watching their satellite videos. i even started keeping my own weather diary 3 years ago...maybe i've said...
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    winter is officially here

    just got news that whistler will be opening this weekend! i hiked up to check out the snow first hand today and there is quite a base already. anything that has been groomed will be nice and filled in. the natural pack has a nasty crust halfway down, but that probably won't be evident above...
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    A-Basin opens tomorrow

    there are other ways to get down a mountain at this time of year - try two wheels. you couldn't pay me to be there.
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    First Snow in Salt Lake

    we got our first dusting up here too. hasn't reached our valley yet (2200ft), but it's pretty close - probably around 3500ft. ...i can't believe people who live so close to a mountain resort are still that desperate to start the season. that is called putting the hard in hardcore.
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    wb springtime

    there's still a deep snowpack at the base, but we are getting big time freeze / thaw at valley altitude (base to about 1600m). the alpine was packed powder a few days ago and the temps have stayed about the same so far. you can't believe the 15 day forecasts either - only about 3 days is...
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    wb springtime

    haven't posted in quite a while... it's been a great season here in whistler. the most consistent good quality snow probably occured in december to early january, but it's all relative. there was only one stretch of about 10 days without snow, but other than that we've been averaging about...
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    Mike Wiegele Heliskiing, Feb. 8-9, 2007

    looks amazing! some day i'll try it.... do the guides check the snowpack before every run or do they generally know the conditions in the area you are skiing and just trust their instincts?
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    Big White BC Questions

    i haven't been to sun peaks in winter, but as far as i know, there are no bowls to be found there. plenty of tree skiing, but nothing above the treeline.
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    Whistler, BC - Dec 9-10, 2006

    hey jonathon - glad to hear you made it back safe and sound. i haven't been surfing much lately, hence the late reply. great meeting you up there and be sure to let me know if you ever make it out this way again. i know how you skiers always rag on us boarders for sitting down on the job, so...