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    Brighton, UT, Jan. 27, 2021

    I use a balaclava from Home of those copper ones. No fogging issues even when skiing. The only time I use while skiing is if its cold. And its friggin cold up at Gore.
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    St Anton 2-2 to 2-7-2020

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    Alta/Snowbird, UT, Mar. 10-12, 2019

    Nice pic of Comma chute, never seen that before. Did ski it once.
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    Castle Mt., AB, Feb.27-28, 2019

    Nice report! Have to explore more of BC.
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    Revelstoke, BC, Feb. 22, 2019

    If i added it all up its like an 18 hour day. Air Canada was the worst..I got to JFK 3 hours ahead of time, like they said to do. They showed up at the counter 30 minutes before our flight was die to take off. Then we had to get through security, which they finally realized wasn't going to...
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    Crystal Mt., WA, Feb. 18-19, 2019

    Jackson has a very good ski school. Apres Vous area is good for intermediates. I think JH has something for everyone...and lots of snow lately.
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    Revelstoke, BC, Feb. 22, 2019

    I had a damn good time there last year. Exhausting place..almost all trees and the backbowl area was deep. Getting there took too much time though. Air Canada needs..some work
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    Jackson Hole 1/17-18

    I was there Jan 21 to 26..kept snowing. Glad I brought the 117' I watched many on my trip flounder in the knee deep. Saratoga Bowl is no Joke. Stayed in the glades mostly, very awesome....moguls everywhere...
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    Alta, UT 1/10-24/2019 - 7 feet in 8 days

    Had a guy at the Mangy Moose bark something at me..but since its a full carry state..I ignored it.
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    Stowe 1-4,5,6

    Mt Mansfield stake is 80 inches now...with 208 for the season so far :bow:
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    Stowe 1-4,5,6

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    How much is a single ski day worth? - 2018-19 version

    You need to buy multiple location passes..thats it. They are variable enough to satisfy anyone.
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    Season Plans: 2018-19

    If I'm not out west then I'll be up North at Stow, SB, K, and Jay. Hitting Jackson 1-19 to 26. Feb is not booked yet but Utah is always in the mix. March will be Park City (staying). Then of course Hunter is always a day trip option when I don't feel like driving 4 to 5 hours. Their new North...
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    Stowe 1-4,5,6

    After a rainy December snow returned to Stowe. A few inches a day then a (big) hit on Sunday with about 5 or 6 inches falling through the day. Really opened the place up. Still scratchy underneath and with 30 plus MPH winds it got a bit windblown at the top, but thats VT.
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    Snowbird 4 20

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    Snowbird 4 20

    Got on the hill at noon. Snowing a bit. Went down chips a few times, had to take it easy on mrs slug. Met Andy at 12 30 and noodled around a bit off the tram and little cloud. Vis went to shit as the small storm moved in. Mrs slug called it so we did some tram laps catching last tram. Pretty...
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    And thats it for stowe..freezing rain but it did accumulate bout 3 inches of shnozzle which made it much better than yesterdays frozen fest. Next up..Snowbird..then finish out the season at jay and K