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    Freeheel on alpine boards vs. tele-specific?

    So I just finished my first season with tele gear and loved it. I found some decent skis on e-bay and bought new boots. I'm no tele-god, but I'm getting the hang of it, and next season I may be on tele gear almost all the time (the exception would be on steep, often-icy moguls; I'm an Eastern...
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    Surfin 4/21/07

    Sharon -- I don't begrude you the (relatively) long board. I wish I'd had one back in the day when I lived a block from the beach down south. I never did get the hang of it. Those short boards make Eastern surfing interesting. But I have to say, if I lived at the ocean, I would be a surfer, no...
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    Surfin 4/21/07

    That's one big honkin' board. Try it on a nimble Eastern board, sister. Seriously, surfing is at least as addictive as skiing -- probably more so, because it's got the whole power-of-the-ocean thing goin'. Oh, and if you have a great run down a mountain, you can go back up and do it again. You...
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    Sugarbush South, VT: 04/13/07

    Yes, Onondaga Ski Club.There are pluses and minuses, but lodge life can be interesting. It's good for people, like me, who often travel solo, the hermit that I am.
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    Gore Mtn 4/13 second hand report

    If Gore spins its lifts and the weather holds -- ie, anything but rain -- I might add further evidence to your contention that Gore is a do-able daytrip form Ithaca. Saturday would be my day. If the lifts are closed, see the "Sugarbush south" thread elsewhere on this forum. Sheesh: I've already...
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    Sugarbush South, VT: 04/13/07

    Wow. What an April. It's making up for that disaster known as December and January. As for Sugarbush: Isn't it one of the most underrated mountains in the East? For my money, it may be the best all-around in Vermont, especially late in the year. Jay might have more tree skiing, Stowe slightly...
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    Greek Peak 3/13/07

    Well, that creamy corn you mentioned was indeed still present, but it had turned to a corn product, not the pure form. Which? Take your pick: 1. For me, betraying my Southern roots, it was like day-old cold grits. It's nice and creamy fresh but then it becomesa congealed, nasty mess. 2. To...
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    Greek Peak 3/13/07

    What a great tale! That's the way to do it. Be impulsive! I'm hoping to get out after work today, scattered showers be damned! D
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    Bolton Valley backcountry, VT 2/18/07

    Were you guys on tele or AT gear?
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    Greek Peak - 2/1/2007

    That would be a fine trail, beneath chair 2. (Funny: The lift towers, with their rickety-ness, look a little like the single chair at MRG.) It gets poached once in a while. In fact, there were some snowboard tracks on it Sunday. I suspect GP management and the ski patrol would be ok with good...
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    Greek Peak - 2/1/2007

    Yep, it'll take a big dump or several small ones to get Olympian and Zeus open -- though there are snowmaking guns on Zeus, they're being used to get Hercules open. Not that these trails haven't been skied, mind you. Zeus's situation is too bad. It's fun and holds the snow well, but I haven't...
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    Greek Peak - 2/1/2007

    To quote: " Initial impressions of my first two runs was that Greek Peak was not packed powder by any means, but much more hard pack. Of course, central NY packed powder usually equals hard pack. " Far be it from me to defend central NY conditions, but I was out Thursday evening at Greek and...
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    Greek Peak 12/16

    Thanks for the information, Sharon. GP was worthwhile last weekend, and there were even some little mounds one could imagine were moguls. Today, I'd thought about trying a Finger Lakes duathon: ski and mountain bike on the same day. Then I saw your post and opted instead to clean house, finish...
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    Best bet for Thanksgiving in Vt or 'dacks

    So maybe the lift-served season will get under way this weekend in Vermont and the Adirondacks. So, you old-timers: Which is my best bet for Friday, Saturday, and maybe Sunday out of: Killington Stowe Sugarbush Whiteface? (and would Gore be worth the trouble? It's the closest to home; I might...
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    Dec. 18-25 near NYC for never-ever family? Advice PLS?

    I'd second the nomination for southern Vermont. It's a bit farther than the Catskills and Bershires, but the mountains are bigger and they're more likely to have good snow coverage. Beginners -- especially never-evers -- will have a much better chance at remembering the whole experience fondly...
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    Out in the ADK'S .

    Thanks for the pictures! A real lift. The next best thing to being there.
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    An ethical question ...

    Something to chew on during the nasty dog days of summer: So this past spring, I was out on a biggish Northeastern mountain that shall not be named that was on its last weekend of the season. There was much hiking down on bare ground back to the lifts, but the top of the mountain was quite nice...
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    1st day of summer

    Summer's ok where I live, the Finger Lakes of upstate New York. There are some great days after a cold front plows through: tTe air is cool and dry, the sun bright, wildflowers spectacular, the lakes deep and cold and blue. But trouble is, there are lots of simply awful days -- muggy, sticky...
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    Stowe vs. Sugarbush

    Oh, what a dilemma to have. Since your lodging is much closer to Stowe, that seems the place to go. I really like Sugarbush, but mainly because of the Castlerock trails and the like. On a big-group trip, though, you're liable to have a wide range of abilities, and while the Bush has lots of...
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    Global Warming and Skiing

    Global warming! In 10 years, replace "May 1" with "April 1." In 20, "March 1." Or maybe it's just a fluke. Doubt it, but I'll hold out hope. Well, at least I know the K will be open this weekend, when I'm going. Thanks for the news.