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  1. yak

    13-14 Trips or Passes - Who's Locked Themselves In

    December 7-14 at the Cliff Lodge Jan 25-Mar2 based in Park City
  2. yak

    Snowbasin 1/11/13 halftime report

    I used to get rust on the edges of any pair that I stored in my basement. I don't get any water leaks, but the natural moisture that comes up through the concrete was enough to create rust. I solved this problem by leaning my skis against the wall next to the oil burner. It runs year round and...
  3. yak back

    To give you a sense of how this storm was above and beyond the normal nor'easter's we see here, these were taken Saturday afternoon as I was trying to get to a gas station to stock up on gas for the generator. And then, Sunday morning bliss:
  4. yak back

    I agree it was uber-hyped, but it indeed ended up as bad as they predicted. All thoughts of heading north for some pow dissolved into the reality that 1) my house had no power ( went out Friday night, came back Tuesday), and 2) the roads (both local and highways) were in horrible shape, so even...
  5. yak

    Alta, UT 12/15-16/12

    Marc, Thanks to you, Bobby, and Amy for showing us some of your favorite lines. We went back for seconds on Back Forty after you left us. Highlights of my week were touring Red Pine on Thursday, skiing and skinning the back of Rocky Point twice on Friday, and of course, all of Saturday and...
  6. yak

    Alta, UT 11/16/2012 Opening Day

    Well done! I've booked a flight for Dec 10, crashing with some friends at the Cliff.
  7. yak

    Taos Expansion

    That will certainly be a game-changer for Taos.
  8. yak

    Request for advice: first time visit to Vail

    Enjoy a nice long breakfast. The rule with the bowls is to let 'em bake a bit in the sun after the previous night's freeze. +-10:30 works as a good rule of thumb. Later if it's slightly cloudy. Follow the sun around the aspects that are just thawing out as the day progresses, and you'll have...
  9. yak

    Avalanche takes out ski lift in France

    Amazing footage. Even more amazing that no one was hurt, after seeing the lower chairs smashing through the oncoming debris.
  10. yak

    Park City Lift Tickets and Best Snow

    Slightly OT: I'm looking for recommendations on a place to watch the superbowl in PC. cheap beer, good bar food, big HD TV's???
  11. yak

    Park City Lift Tickets and Best Snow

    We're heading to Park City in Feb. The gifting office at Westgate(the condo complex at Canyons) offers the following deals Alta/Snowbird-$66 Park City-$66 Canyons-$80 Deer Valley-$69 I'm not sure if they require proof that you're staying there, you might give it a try. You can also buy in...
  12. yak

    Avalanches - Canyons sidecountry 1/23/12

    The word from my Vail homies is that the kids entered the (open) lower gate at Prima Cornice then hiked back up to the area behind the upper (closed) gate. Sad.
  13. yak

    Cheap Avi Beacon

    They're good for putting on your dog too.
  14. yak

    New Look, New Features for FTO

    All that, AND you've been skiing too? Bravo!
  15. yak

    Powder Mountain cat skiing, UT 2/24/11

    Great report Marc. PowMow is one of my favorite places, precisely because of all the terrain and options available. Back in the days when resort management was a little more laissez faire, we used to take sleds out in that area and lapped some of those same shots. We had to build our own snow...
  16. yak

    Western Weather 2010-14

    I'm looking for a good site that shows storms developing over the pacific (for what that is worth)
  17. yak

    Western Weather 2010-14

    I'm getting ready to head out to Co next week. Will be based in Vail, but plan to be high plains drifters if there's big snow to be had in a particular area. What are your favorite sites to monitor the 7-10 day weather outlook for CO, UT, and WY?
  18. yak

    K-Mart/Pico Feb 2&3

    Ice fog sounds like the right description. Had to scrape my goggles with my fingernails to break the crust. The summit opened at about 11:30. They said ice was the cause for the delay.
  19. yak

    K-Mart/Pico Feb 2&3

    I made the trek up to VT on Tuesday evening with a few old friends. The worst driving was in MA heading out to our rendezvous point in East Longmeadow, took me almost 4 hours instead of 2. We arrived at Cedarbrook Motel/Condo's, our usual haunt around 9:30 with light snow and about 6 inches of...
  20. yak

    Alta with admin

    Love the gorilla suit!