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    First time to Sugarloaf

    Unless it's changed since we used to drive from Augusta to Portland I -295 is quite a bit faster than the turnpike. However he should be aware that if he has an old map it will show 295 ending just past Portland and becoming 95. On January 5, 2004, Interstate 295 was extended north to...
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    Whistler Transportation

    A route that you may not have considered is to get off I-5 at Bellingham and follow route 539 north to the Lynden/Aldergrove port of entry. It's just a little further north to Trans Canda 1 (TC 1). Going west on TC 1 will feed right onto 99 that goes to Whistler. At this point TC 1 is about the...
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    where are those really good multiyear graphs on Snotel?

    Hayduke, It's a neat graph, but I think if you check it out, the values shown are NOT snow depth. They are the Snow Water Equivalent (SWE). That's what's shown on the left Y axis of the graph and the values seem to be correct for SWE and not depth. Note that the average max was about 42" and the...
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    weather nuts check out this page

    Is it possible to give a brief "weather 101" and explain this map for those of us that are "weather challanged". It's a neat map, but I don't know what it means. Thank, /s/ Cliff
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    where are those really good multiyear graphs on Snotel?

    That's true. However, snowfall can be very ROUGHLY estimated by comparing the daily snow depth readings. I've found that during cold periods with moderate snow fall the increase from one day to the next will be similar to the snowfall. Adding up the daily pluses will be similar to the period...
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    where are those really good multiyear graphs on Snotel?

    The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is primarily interested in the amount of moisture in the snow pack. Previously it was necessary to measure the snow depth and weigh a column of snow to get the Snow Water Equivalent (SWE). Thus snow depths were often recorded for the old...
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    Idaho, Washington info

    Poke, You may already be aware, but there are several other options not too far from Spokane including Mount Spokane, and Lookout Pass. Lookout Pass is just east of Silver Mtn. Somewhat smaller, but enlarged somewhat this year with a new lift. It IS on Lookout Pass, but being on I-90, it’s...
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    freeheel on alpine boards vs. tele-specific?

    I'm not sure if you are still checking this board, but in case you are, here are some thoughts. You'll need to buy bindings anyway, so why not give the alpine skis a try. If they don't work out, take the bindings off and put them on some tele skis. It sounds like you need some wider skis for...
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    Where in the west

    Tony, How one rates Boise depends on what you are looking for. Notwithstanding a recent Micron layoff, I think the job market is fairly good. The original poster wanted to live between the ski areas and the town. There’s opportunity for that. For example the towns of Eagle, Emmett, or Horseshoe...
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    Bolton Valley backcountry, VT 2/18/07

    Jay, We miss your reports of Lost Trail Powder Mountain (which by the way was outstanding last Thursday), but it sounds like you E. and Ty are finding lots of good skiing in VT. I generally scope out your reports and pictures, even tho I live many miles away. I guess I'd better get the digital...
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    Sugarloaf 02/15/2007

    Bendude, Great report. Glad you had a good day. As I said in another post, that's a beautiful drive in the summer. I wasn't sure how well the road to Coburn Gore would be plowed. I guess it was OK - Right? Sugarloaf is a great mountain. Even in the early 1960's we were able to ski 2000'...
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    Where I should go

    I?m sure Vermont is much closer to you. However, in 2003 we took Highway 10 to near Sherbrooke (Exit 128, I think) and headed to route 212 which we took to past Woburn and Coburn Gore, Maine, and took Hwy 27 to Stratton. Sugarloaf is a ways past Stratton. It was sure a beautiful drive in the...
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    Maybe biting the bullet.. First Utah Trip?

    Maybe the quote of 80% was for total precipitation. Go to and you'll find that the snowpack for the Jordan River Basin is 60% as you've stated. However the average total (since Oct 1) precipitation is 82%. Sounds like they had a lot of rain...
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    Western Resort Destination Help Needed

    Rich, If you havn't bought your ticket yet, you might check out Glacier Park International Airport. It's between Kalispell and Whitefish Mt. As I recall it took us about 2.5 hours from Fernie to Whitefish including several stops getting gas and clearing customs. The following web site has some...
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    Montana/Bitterroot snowfall update 11/3/05

    Montanatom, The Saddle Mountain Snotel is not on Saddle Mountain, and not above the new lift, but is on the Saddle Mountain Road, about ½ mile northwest of the top of Lost Trail Chair 2. Go to the following web site and look for a small red cross near the center. That's the approximate location...