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  1. jkamien

    UT: AltaBird 2021-01-19 & 20

    The snow surfaces remain bad. Two inches Monday into Tuesday helped a little. Every sort of combination of coral reef with death cookies, to rock hard pack studded with real rocks like you’d find in a low snow year in the East, to too-short stretches of silky wind drift that skied like a dream...
  2. jkamien

    Mt. Baldy, CA $150 unrestricted pass

    This has got to be the deal of North America! When the snow is good, Mt. Baldy rocks! When the snow isn’t good, Mt. Baldy rocks, too, but not figuratively. Lol! TAKE AN ADDITIONAL $150 OFF YOUR ANNUAL SEASON PASS with this promo code: 1532-5493 https://mtbaldyskilifts.us14.list-manag ...
  3. jkamien

    Brighton & Alta, UT 2/15/2017

    Great to see you, admin! And thanks for getting me to suck it up and ski a few more!
  4. jkamien

    Alta, UT 2/5/2017

    So my arrival on Wed, Feb 15 is looking pretty good? ;)
  5. jkamien

    SLTrib article on Alta plans

    Thanks for your comments, Admin. I look forward to the offseason editorial for actual prognostication about what may eventually happen.
  6. jkamien

    SLTrib article on Alta plans ... ram-to-the FTO editorial on the way?
  7. jkamien

    Jay Peak in danger ... /83501858/
  8. jkamien

    Elk Mountain, PA

    Elk is, well, the best I've skied in Pennsylvania so far. My other forays into Keystone State skiing include Spring, Bear Creek, and Blue Mountains, and Shawnee Peak. So Elk being the best in PA is faint praise, indeed. At 1000 foot vertical, it skied better and longer than Blue, which lists a...
  9. jkamien

    Alta 1/19/16

    Bluebird powder day! Boot top or better, everywhere you went. I skied with Tony, the grain farmer from Indiana that I met during yesterday's workshop. Several off of Supreme. The skiing was phenomenal, especially in the trees. A local on my first chair ride speculated Ballroom would open...
  10. jkamien

    Alta, 1/18/16

    My birthday present is 4 days of skiing in Alta. Flew in from PHL through DFW Sunday night. Flights were uneventful, other than the 3 gate changes in DFW due to a LGA bound plane that went mechanical and blocked our original gate. Arrived at Gold Miners Daughter around 9pm and settled in...
  11. jkamien

    Alta lift ticket strategy for Jan 18-21?

    Bought tix through link. Be there Monday-Thursday! Wx pattern looks active. Hope to see you this trip!
  12. jkamien

    Alta Master Plan

    I found Eddie's High Nowhere to have a greater pucker factor than Perla's, but I guess you'd have to classify EHN as hike-to as well.
  13. jkamien

    Alta Master Plan

    Aren't the A-Z chutes at Big Sky similarly DFU terrain? Somehow they're running a tram up there.
  14. jkamien

    Alta lift ticket strategy for Jan 18-21?

    I will follow that link when I buy. $66.25/day for the 4 days I'll be there. 24 days til I leave and counting!
  15. jkamien

    Alta lift ticket strategy for Jan 18-21?

    Hi FTO friends, What's my best strategy for obtaining reasonably-priced lift tickets this year at Alta for Mon-Thu, Jan 18-Jan 21? Snowbird is optional; I would go the AltaBird route if I have tour guide(s) who want to do that. I will be staying at GMD and would enjoy meeting up with anyone...
  16. jkamien

    Alta, UT 12/12/2015

    Staying at GMD Jan 17-22, skiing 4 days. Hope a storm during this time makes Admin take a weekday off!
  17. jkamien

    East on track for an average or better season

    Just to throw in another data source, my good friend Wesley Wright at the SkiVT-L maintains a utility that graphs snow depth according to the Mt. Mansfield stake at Stowe. This first link below is to the entrance page, and the second a graph of snow depths from 75-76 95-96 00-01 14-15 (year to...
  18. jkamien

    Alta Jan 29 & 30

    Staying at the Peruvian. A different vibe from Gold Miner's Daughter where I usually stay. I like GMD better; food, location, and rooms are nicer. Haven't had a lot of snow here in Alta lately and temps were in 40's, 50's at the base at the beginning of the week. Predictably, conditions are...
  19. jkamien

    Alta/Snowbird, UT, Jan. 27, 2015

    I can most definitely second that. Need some of Admin's crew to take us to the goods.
  20. jkamien

    Alta, UT 1/24-25/2015

    Of course there's a prolonged dry spell. I'm arriving today for skiing Thu, Fri and Sat!