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    mogul skiing forum

    I do but not for PSIA. I've been teaching for a handful of years now and am a level 2 PSIA certified instructor. I can taqlk the talk and ski their style when I have to in order to pass an exam and get paid more at my home resort. The point about the PSIA model not working in the bumps is a...
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    Best Ski Area near Buffalo, NY?

    Holimont is a great bet but forget about joining because a membership is like 10k. It is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC however midweek. Monday-Thursday every week. The grooming and upkeep is terrific, good snowfall, OK Vert with good pitch and a strong variety of terrain. That mixed with the fact that...
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    Tuckerman Ravine, NH: 07/01/07

    Sometimes there is beauty in crazyness. This ahs to be a case of that. Soon enough someone is going to have to come up with a 12 step program for this type of addiction. :D
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    Weather Thoughts

    I'm not sure i agree with this one here. I see your in Pennsylvania, I am as well. Here in the North West corner outside of Erie we see some fantastic lake effect snows. Last year we entered the winter with Lake erie 3-4 degrees above normal. Although the first half of January was terrible...
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    Final Forecast A Few Posts Down in This Thread

    NW PA 5 miles south of I-90 at 1310ft elevation 31 Degrees Freezing rain This sucks Should settle in with some lake effect by Tuesday however here that Scott posted on Day 2 (Tuesday) there is a 40% 12+inch bullseye on top of good Ol...
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    7 springs pa vs Snowshoe WV

    7 springs was in such bad shape that by mid last week they were trucking around snow to fill holes. They put in that new snowmaking lake but have not had them temps to make any use of it. A major cold front is coming through now north of there but the temps for 7 springs this week are not...
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    Global Warming and Skiing

    I remembered a rather spirited discussion in a course of mine at college bace in 2001 or so in which this was argued at some great length. Here is a little History lesson for all of us that don't remember what the scientists were saying back in the 40's to the 70's Here is the first article...
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    Most Significant Winter Storm of the Season, MLK Day

    Well it looks like it is going to be a not so fun ride for the weekend. I'm in the very NW tip of Pennsylvania and just south of I-80. I really hope that this coming pressure has just a little more southerly oomph than it looks like as of now. Maybe we will get lucky and it will take a turn.
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    Global Warming and Skiing

    Although I agree with a lot that is being said here I have to pitch in on this small point. Here in NW PA we had a fantastic snow year in the winter of '05. The snowfall was deep and fluffy. I actually caught my first ever Pennsylvania face shot after a 2 ft dump. Here is the thing though...
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    Ski Wheels [Automotive propellant necessary to begin ski day

    Here is a funny one. My current is a 2005 Subaru Legacy GT wagon. It is the BEST DAMN ski vehicle I have ever driven. The symetrical AWD matched up with good snow tires is unstoppable. I am currently driving it on Dunlop Wintersport M3 in 205-45-17 and they are great. My last car was a 2000...
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    I'm Back!

    Thanks for the kind words guys... I have missed this place a lot. I wish that I had some good news to report but there is not much. At Peek 'n Peak they are getting back under way. The new snowmaking system that was installed this year is fantastic. It can lay down (with the right temps...
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    I'm Back!

    Well I figure that here is the best place for this in the ol Snowsports Technique Forum. Some of you may remember me around here but anyone who has joined in the last year or so will not. Here is the rundown for those who care... I am still living in NW Pennsylvania and teaching at Peek 'n...
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    why bump skiers rule

    Well... this one is particularly for Dan. As promised about 2 months agon in here I purchased and read the book. I have not commented on it since because I wanted to try to apply it to my own skiing and I only have one thing to say... ROCK ON. I have found a balance and stability that I...
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    Are you centered?

    I'm with HD on the thoughts here... I don't see using unbuckled boots as being a very good way to approach a back seat problem. If a person is too far forward it has a point but finding that student is long and far between. I have only seen a few and I think that there are better was to...
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    The Yellowstone Club

    Although on a smaller scale it is not one of a kind. There is an all private resort in Ellicottville NY called Hollimont. It is right over the hill from Holliday Valley. I got to ski there on invite twice last winter and it is very nice..... at least for west NY
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    What are your plans?

    This to me has to be one of the "holy grails" of skiing. There is nothing finer than seeing someone drop a bomb like a big 360 off a 10ft + drop or even a little twister in the middle of a glade. The balance and poise not to mention stones :shock: that is takes to do it and make it look...
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    What are your plans?

    Every year at about this time as I ait here in brown PA as the rest of the NE starts making turns I mull over the same thought. I want to figure out what my focus for the year should be. I like to look at each year as an opportunity to focus on a fart of my skiing that needs the most...
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    Lake effect a big factor this year for snow-belt resorts?

    Great post here powderfreak.... right on the money. I call Peek N' Peak my home sweek tiny home. We are about 70 miles WSW of Holliday Valley and about 20 miles from lake Erie. We get really pounded with a wind heading SW. I am stoked for this season though because I have a feelig that...
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    why bump skiers rule

    I agree with this completely... That way there does not have to be any loss of face or respectability but the organization gets the benefit of moving forward and expanding horizons. I can't wait for the season to get going around here so I can try out some things on my own skiing. I always...
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    Lake effect a big factor this year for snow-belt resorts?

    check out these numbers ... sld006.htm off the chart for the east.