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    California Pass

    Thanks Tony.I couldnt really extract that for your site
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    California Pass

    2 months later,and now I understand.I had not been in California the last few years and did not realize how bad it was.Since I had an injury,I havent been on the snow anyway,but almost better now, and wondering if February-March still might recover in snowfall and if Mammoth continues to sell...
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    mammoth housing or parking

    I am thinking of Mammoth this winter.Any tips on housing or even just parking a van? thanks
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    California Pass

    With mammoth at $103/day,how can you not buy a pass?
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    Touring Bindings Necessary for France

    There are plates available to switch from alpine to touring bindings ,like dyna-dukes et al.Or the MDF plate where you can use your fks. ... ate-review
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    Ski Pants?

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    New SoCal Storm Track

    baldy reporting 4ft over night
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    foofyland pics...a few 4/22-4/29

    They have different rulers in utah and california. lets just say that when skiing at alta/snowbird it is very easy to think the last snowfall report underestimated what you find on the ground, whereas at kirkwood the overestimation of snowfall is well known and so exaggerated that the snow...
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    Alta Marshall's Office police blotter

    i wonder what the fine is for a"watershed violation"? after all,the guy picked it up, which is more than the marshal does for the mountain goat poop.
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    A Dog's Weekend in the Eastern Sierra, June 13-14, 2009

    thanks for the dog stoke. my setter just turned 13 also, and although he is very healthy at sea-level, he does have weaker hamstrings now,and more trouble with long flights of steps. i was wondering if the altitude will affect him this ski season at 8000 ft. did you notice any respiratory...
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    Man Rescued, Wife Dead After Spending 10 Days Out of Bounds

    This reinforces the idea that you should always carry basic survival gear, especially when skiing unknown slack country. I'm packing a cheapo bivy sack, whistle/compass/mirror combo, flint & steel, and some GU at all times. Cheap insurance against the unknown. would that be 10 days worth of GU?
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    Lake Tahoe 2-12/13/14-09 (Squaw, Heavenly, Kirkwood)

    kirkwood 2 least knee deep everywhere, jacket deep in many spots. the line on cornice down to just a few minutes. the wall and backside closed today. should all be open tomorrow . bring your powder boards
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    Heavenly, CA and NV 2/07/2009 and Kirkwood, CA 2/08/2009

    the past 3 weeks at kirkwood have seen a 3ft storm, multiple days of sun with temps hitting close to 60deg, and now 100in in the past week with knee deep everywhere and waist deep in spots. morning pow can be a bit heavy by afternoon, but weekdays still have almost fresh areas into the...
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    Utah Day 8: Alta 1/31/09

    :worthless: :worthless: no pics???
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    End of January Drought in CA: Rain or Snow?

    kirkwood has much better snow than i expected from the reports of rain and warm temps.they are reporting something like 33 inches.i have not found that,but its good dry powder where i was today and bluebird
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    tahoe temps headed for 60deg on the mountain.. for 10 days..

    tony, could you help with some historical perspective to keep up the spirits please
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    Why am I not sick today?

    " That beer sure worked on the old bladder! Elapsed time from starting my car when I dug it out and changed out of my boots to hitting the McD's (First John I spotted) on 9400 was 1 hour 47 minutes! It was worth it for the turns in the powder today. BTW, it wasn't as cold as yesterday either...
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    Grouse Mt. Backcountry Controversy

    i mean,in the future,when they go back,who is going to know that the person with the ticket,has been banned? even a season pass can be gotten in any name
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    Grouse Mt. Backcountry Controversy

    there ARE the darwin awards............ but with no names,who did they ban? and have you ever been asked for your name when you paid for a ticket? nevertheless, did darwin ever expect a chimp and a gorilla to get to the top?
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    Eldora closed due to shooting

    does eldora have a post-office? that could explain it