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    Whitefish MT, March 20 - 22, 2023 - Perfect Spring Skiing

    It's been a weird year. Three different extended frigid periods, usually it's 1 to 2. Then, forecasted storm after storm that did not in fact materialize to bring us snow, but it lasted due to the temperatures. Extremely foggy January and February, with quite a blue sky March, which we all...
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    When Race Wax was ending their production of their hydrocarbon waxes, I bought enough to last the rest of my skiing career. I generally do extensive preseason prep with hot scrapes, using softer wax, then a layer of CH3/4 for protective purposes and then slap on the wax of the day week. Then...
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    Late April 2023 road trip suggestions.

    The ski area here isn't open in late April. Closing day in 2023 will be April 9. And the main reason to go to Glacier is to drive the Sun Road, which rarely opens before July.
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    Vail Resorts Q3 22 Results: Interesting Epic Pass Stats

    It's been getting worse, and I never ski Saturdays, but the local population are churchgoers, so Sundays are good until maybe 1. As a passholder, that works out fine. There's a new 6 pack going in which should make a huge difference.
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    ski area myth busters - good or bad

    Whitefish has gotten ridiculous - the "Zestimate" for my house has doubled in the last 18 months. And if I look at eight other places than Zillow, the Zestimate is the median estimate, some are 70% higher yet. It's even spreading out to Columbia Falls. Which leaves Kalispell as having some...