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    advice for Colorado

    Tony how is Whistler looking the next couple of weeks weather wise?
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    advice for Colorado

    Holy crap this is bleak. We will be in Aspen for four days of skiing on 1/15 and now I am nervous though the latest pattern change is slated for a week before that. I have seen a few of these pattern changes come and go with little change. I tried to get a free change to our plane tickets to...
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    Western Weather 2010-14

    Good weather site for Utah:
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    Spring or winter skiing strategy in Colorado

    Keep the CO reports coming guys! I will be in Summit County 4/7-4/11. Thanks, Marc
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    wb springtime

    I had thought about Whistler this April but was worried because of April rain/fog. With W/BC I have to get over the fact that half the mountain is usually worthless most of the time in spring. I have heard the bottom 1/2 is really mushy with the recent rain. Granted this is for the Valley...
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    Short/long term western weather?

    Guys tremendous info....thanks for your help! Last week I actually switched plans from Whistler to Summit County for 4/6-4/11. Of course Whistler has been getting hammered with snow this week (at least the Alpine) but I just figured CO altitude would be better to preserve what snow they have...
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    Short/long term western weather?

    Is there any hope in the near future of reversing the dry/hot western weather pattern and salvaging the rest of the winter and spring? Trying to decide between Whistler & Tahoe/Mammoth & Colorado and although Whistler has had BY FAR the best season, right now looking like CO. Altitude is my...