2017-03-16 Cannon, NH


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2 for 1 at Cannon. Cold - windy with occasional flurries - 4th facemask day in a row. Low clouds with flat light. The runs up top a mix of packed powder and large drifts with occasional wind scoured spots. Only the most hearty did much skiing up top.

The front 5 were left ungroomed with lots of soft packed powder bumps. Went over to the Mittersill side mid-morning to escape the wind and that skied much nicer than the main mountain. Broke for lunch early and found the base lodge packed with people escaping the cold. A few more runs among the front 5 after lunch and we were done for the day.

Off to Vermont to stock up on coffee, cheese and Heady Topper. A freshly re-opened Mad River Glen tomorrow, then 7 hrs home.