36 Hours of Keystone 11/30-12/1/07


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Keystone has some good terrian in the outback and and some of the cat serviced stuff is pretty fun. I think the snow preservation is very good there as well. PLenty of good snow there when 100% open.
PS for bargins stick to aussie and So African Wines ;)

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PS for bargains stick to aussie and So African Wines
Or Chile. California's climate with tons of cheap land and labor. And like California, good for numerous varietals: Malbec as good as Argentina, Syrah better than Australia. I did bring home some good wine from South Africa in 2002 also. I think admin has tried a couple of those.

I would be somewhat skeptical of the climate in western Colorado, though I suppose it's not much different from the Mendoza region in Argentina.


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Okay, so this has gone way off topic but I wanted to stop in about the wineries. I did a Colorado wine country tour with my company a few months ago and have some opinions.

Canyon Winds - Okay but didn't really like the hospitality at the place.
Plum Creek Winery - LOVE their Palisade Red table wine. Also enjoyed their Cabernet Franc
Grande River Winery - Really disliked their wines and their attitude
Carlson Vineyards - Okay, nothing special.
Two Rivers Winery - FANTASTIC! Loved their Port and their Reisling which I don't normally like. Everything here was good, the winery is beautiful and the people were very nice and informative.
The absolute best thing about Keystone is that no one who wants to ski open bowls and glades ever goes there...

Dercum is to be avoided at all costs, but the rest of Keystone is quite nice, and quite uncrowded.

the only guy who tellies at Keystone