7 springs pa vs Snowshoe WV


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My girlfriends and I have reservations for Friday/Saturday/Sunday at both 7-springs and Snowshoe. Trying to decide which to cancel. 7springs is certainly a shorter drive for us, but will they make enough snow? Never been to Snowshoe so I don't know what to expect their either....so confused. Any thoughts?


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7 springs was in such bad shape that by mid last week they were trucking around snow to fill holes. They put in that new snowmaking lake but have not had them temps to make any use of it. A major cold front is coming through now north of there but the temps for 7 springs this week are not going to be very condusive for snow making with warm temps up to the mid 30s during the days. I would not bank on much more than patchy snow and a lot of sheet ice. That is just my humble opinion but I did have a season pass there for 4 seasons that I gave up on bacause of the conditions.


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Head to Snowshoe, their higher elevation has helped them cope with the warm weather. For comparison, Seven Springs has a base elevation of 2241 ft. and summit elevation of 2989 ft. Snowshoe starts at 3347 ft. and tops out at 4846 ft.