Above average February snows for SE Lower Michigan


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We are enjoying a rather good late winter here in SE Lower Michigan. Above average snow fall this month, 6th snowiest FEB on record!!

It snowed 8" - 12" FEB 21st, and we have been getting lake effect snows all week. Temps are right around 32* each day, light winds, and snow is in the forecast till Saturday FEB 27th.
Great time to get out and enjoy some PRE-Spring skiing!

Old Timer

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Average is such a fleeting thing, I remember driving our snowmobiles, dirt bikes, iceboats, even cars on frozen lakes around Keego when the lake ice was 2 feet thick.

Around 1970 the Detroit-area average January high temperature was 21 degrees with single-digit average night time lows.

February daily high temps around 32 degrees seems a lot warmer than I remember.

Remember the big January storm in 1975? It was over 2 feet!!!