Apline Valley 12-30-07 & 1-1-08


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Hit AV on 12-30-07 it was hard, icy, and just down right crap. The rains that came during the week before took out most of the 12" of snow on the ground. I left that day after 1 hour.

1-1-2008 was one of the best skiing days southeastern lower Michigan could ever ask for. 12" - 15" of new stuff came down new years eve, and new years day was no crowds, and lots of snow. :lol: I have a few pictures below.

Don't wait to long to enjoy this snow, 46* and Rain is forecasted to arrive by Sunday!




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Wow, I never would have thought they got that much snow until I heard it on the news. In Toledo, 1 hour south, they were forecasting 3-6" that night and we didn't even have a 1/4". Too bad i was at home nursing a small hangover. Thanks for the report, i was thinking about heading up to Alpine or Holly this weekend, but won't if it is raining.