Avalanches in Verbier and Tignes

When 100-200cm falls on a month-old snow base without recent snow
When I was at Les Trois Vallées on Monday with a 4/5 rating, two guys on a chair mentioned that their guide the previous day was scolded for taking their group into what was usually not considered sketchy terrain.
When 100-200cm falls on a month-old snow base without recent snow.......

Off-piste areas in Verbier slid massively with a 3/5 avalanche rating.
Scratching my head how the rating was only a 3 with that snowfall on what amounts to icy/refrozen surfaces. I would think more like at least 4 with guaranteed avi's if not even a 5...

avalanche scene from the 2014 film Force Majeure.
Never seen that movie, but I love the "don't worry it's controlled" comment.
Is it just me or does Europe seem more prone to avalanches that North America? Different snow pack? Not as controlled as well?
Lower tree line means avalanches are more likely to threaten a resort town. The Euros also tend to construct far flung ski trails with uncontrolled areas between them.,

The most dangerous snowpacks are in continental climates with cold temperatures and erratic snowfalls, notably Colorado and Alberta. The worst is probably Central Asia, where there are not that many ski areas, but an American reconning the Altai Mountains saw ample evidence that they are very dangerous.