Boyne Highlands 1/29 - 1/31


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First trip of the year, and it was a cold weekend. We spent all 3 days at Boyne Highlands. They got some much needed snow the week before we arrived. On Friday 1/29, it was the coldest and might have reached 20 F, maybe. The wind wasn't too bad and we had 2-3 inches of new snow overnight. The lake effect machine continued all weekend on and off probably dropping 6 inches over the course of the weekend, and they needed it. Saturday and Sunday were much the same with temps just a bit warmer, but the wind picked up so it felt just as cold. So the new snow helped cover some of the ice and freshen it up, hopefully it keeps dropping.

Crowds on Friday and Sunday seemed anemic. Saturday reminded me of Sundays from a few years ago. People just aren't going up there. Didn't wait in a lift line longer than 3 mins all weekend. Signed my daughter up for a half day lesson on Friday and Sunday. On Sunday, she had private lesson by default, nobody else in her ability range, and when I was signing her up they said they only had 15 registered so far for the day. And this was all on a weekend with new snow for the first time in 3 weeks!

Also found a deal that saved us a ton of money on lift tickets. At participating shell gas stations, when you purchase 10 gallons of gas you can get a voucher for a buy one get one free lift ticket. It's good at lots of different places, but I was suprised to find that Boyne participated. It's not good on Saturday's but every other day of the week.