Breckenridge, CO


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Any recommendations of things to do with a 3.5 and 5 year old skiers while in Breckenridge. They will spend lot of time in ski school, just looking for ideas outside ski school, be either w/ or w/o skis on.

Thanks and happy skiing
Tough ages.. especially the 3.5 yr old...

Rec center N of downtown has an indoor pool. Not sure if the youngest one is really old enough to try to ice skate? Big indoor rink on S edge of town. No tubing available in Breck but you can sled at Carter Park on the E edge of town... Again probably too young for the arcade at Eric's downstairs in the heart of town...

ummm.ummm... running out of even plausable 'formal activities'... the 3.5 year old would probably be more interested in riding on the gondola up and down from town and riding on the free buses that run all over summit county than anything else (at least mine would).
Dog sledding options there? There is an outfit here in park city and they let my 3.5 yr old go out, he loved it