Caberfae 3/2 - 3/4


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Doesn't look like many people post reports in the Midwest section but I'll throw out my 2 cents. Wish I had a few more this season to post, but it looks like this will be it.

Great weather in Northern Lower Michigan this weekend (3/2 -3/2). I spent the weekend at Caberfae Peaks in the MacKenzie Lodge, which offered a pretty good deal for the weekend. Lift tickets for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday all day and night, plus Friday and Saturday night in the lodge with 4 adults in a room the total comes to $150 per person.

It was snowing lightly when we arrived at noon on Friday 3/2 and they said they received 2 in after the some ice and freezing rain the night before. In the ungroomed and through the trees the layer of ice was very obvious as you cut through what looked like fresh snow but turned out to be about 2 in of fresh snow on top of a thin layer of crusty snow. Conditions improved throughout the day and night as the snow continued and increased in intensity somewhat. However, the top of south peak was very icy just in the normal Michigan wind blown ice way.

The snow continued throughout the night and we woke up to at least 4 in of new snow. They groom just about every run, but there are still a variety of places you could find fresh snow along the sides of the runs and through some trees. It snowed all day long, sometimes picking up in intensity to very low visibility and sending some of the crowds inside. Though, this place still was not very crowded at all. The longest lift line I think I waited in was on Saturday after lunch at a 2 chair. We waited for maybe 10 chairs. By the time they turned the lights on for night skiing another 3-4 in had fallen and hid all but the worst ice on the tops of a few runs. The temps were in the mid to upper 20s all day.

The snow stopped sometime during the night and Sunday started off as mostly sunny and 20 F, on soft groomers and with some fresh snow still able to be found here and there. We spent just a few hours on Sunday before heading home around noon. It looked like it was going to be a little crowded as the fresh snow and sun attracted some people and others were there for a ski up/ski down telemark race.

All in all, great trip for the value and great conditions for a Michigan weekend in March.
dank":3bgy14qw said:
Doesn't look like many people post reports in the Midwest section but I'll throw out my 2 cents.

So true, dank...thanks for stepping up!
We are season's pass holders at Caberfae and ski there most of the winter. (See my 3 children in a photo from whisler on their web site right now under "snow conditions".) Caberfae is the best place if you live in southern my opinion. (Nubs, and others are larger, but they are farther, more expensive, and more crowded.) Note...We were able to get unrestricted season passes last september for $99 each at Caberfae by joining the Grand Rapid's ski Club ($55? for a family). WOW! GREAT VALUE. Rumor has it they may be able to do it again next year. Keep your eye out for it if you like Caberfae...just 2 weekends of skiing and it pays off! So glad you liked is our little gem. SOOOO much better than Crystal!

PS....I tried to get a discussion going by asking where everyone was skiing....didn't get anywhere...glad to see someone else from the mid-west is here too!
This was my second time to Caberfae. The first time was 2 years ago before Christmas, so they only had North Peak open. I agree that this is the best skiing for your money in Lower Michigan. I will probably be back at least once next year just becasue of the value, but I like to spread my skiing around, I get bored at these small Michigan resorts. When my daughter is old enough, in about 2-3 years, Caberfae is probably where I will take her to learn because I liked the experience and it had that small resort feel.

Now that i've found this forum I'll post whenever I go. This year was a lot less than previous years. If you go often, you should post some reports of the conditions. I will be interested becasue I can do Caberfae in a day, granted it makes for a long day but it can be done.

Nice picture at Whistler, hope to make it there someday.
Hi again...I will post again next year about the Caberfae conditions. We only live a couple of hours away, so it is pretty close for us and we ski often.

Are you planning to teach your daughter to ski yourself, or in ski school? I have done a bit of both. (My kids are 7, 7, & 4 and have been skiing for 2 seasons now.) Another thing I like about Caberfae is the private lessons are only $25/hour. Some of the instructors are quite young....but, they have done a good job with my kids. They usually do a private lessen for an hour every few weeks to learn a new skill and I ski with them in between. Unfortunately, except for the total beginner, I can't really recommend the "peak program". They basically ski the tow rope the whole time. It is a good choice for a first timer. But, beyond that, not so great. My kids love Caberfae and the instructors.

Have fun teaching your daughter to ski!
I haven't decided how I am going to teach my daughter. I haven't done much research but I have heard most places require a certain age for lessons, possibly 5 or 6 and I may want to get her started a year or two before that. But I also know the value of a good lesson and learning the correct way first, and I don't claim to be a good instructor. She is only 1, so I have a good 2 years before I need to start thinking about it seriously. But the info about Caberfae's program is appreciated.

I look forward to your trip reports next season. I'll probably make it up there at least 1 time as I get tuned of for my first trip out west in a few years next spring.
I suggest you read some of JSpin's reports from the past 2 seasons. I have added some comments to some of them with respect to my own experiences when Adam was those ages (3 and 4).

The overriding rule that young is that they should be telling you they want to ski.