Caberfae/Crystal opening day


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We were at Crystal opening day (Thanksgiving). Conditions were good; however, not much of the terrain was open...only the clipper chair and the 2 place just to the left of the clipper if you are facing the hill. Nothing steep (Thor, Loki, Buck, etc. were not open). Not icey. Plenty of snow on what was open. Had features set up in the terrain park. 1/2 pipe not open yet. No crowds (This was Thanksgiving day...not sure of the weekend). Friendly staff. Had fun!

We were also at Caberfae opening day as well as the rest of the weekend (Friday-Sunday). Conditions were a better at Caberfae than Crystal. Better snow, also not icey, and more was open...most of North Peak area was skiable, even if it wasn't labled open on-line (only I-75 was blocked off) this opens a pretty big portion of the hill. (The hill "shelter" was closed friday, but open for the rest of the weekend.) Shelter lift and North Peak lifts were running. No terrain park set up yet. Some of it was groomed, other parts were not. Long lift lines in the PM on Friday and Saturday, but not Sunday. However, the hills did not seem overly busy. Friendly staff. Friendly locals. Had fun! They are closed again until friday at 3:00, then opening for the season....snow permitting.

Looks like both places will be in a postion to open additional runs soon as long as the weather holds.

Best Thanksgiving weekend I have ever had!