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I just took a little side gig as a ski writer for a website called The link is It's definitely more for the fun/passion for skiing than the money. Maybe if everyone reading this went there every single day for a page view, it MIGHT pay for dinner at McDonald's.

But anyway, thought some of you on here might be interested in checking it out. I'll be posting 3-4 articles a week about a variety of topics during ski season. The most recent one is on the upcoming Steep and Deep Camp at Jackson Hole. I'm currently in the Chicago edition, because that's where I'm based. I do try to give a little Midwest or Chicago spin to some of the articles, but for the most part they're relevant to any skier. Another article from this week talks about the Demo Day at Wilmot on Sunday. Also, there's one about flying out West from Chicago.

Hopefully people will find it valuable. My page actually its own RSS feed if you really want to make me feel loved.



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Good story Wags, I really hate the fact that flying out of Chicago to the West is so much cheaper than flying out of Detroit 90% of the time, heck North West hub is here!
Ohh well, we do have the Red Wings :mrgreen:

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Chicago skiing??? Four Lakes??? Raging Buffalo??? Villa Olivia??? Stack 'em all on top of each other and together they are only 300 feet high!!!

Southwest recently started flying non-stop to DTW from DEN, it was $89 each way a couple of weeks ago, no charge for the first 2 bags either!!!