Deals for Copper?


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My wife, my son, and 2 of his friends are going to be skiing/ riding at Copper and Vail for a few days Jan 24-27. When we first started going to Colorado, we used to stop by the King Sooper on the way out of Denver to pick up discount lift tix, but at least for the Vail group, it seems that there haven't been any good deals like this for the last couple of years :( . (But we've purchased tix through the PEAKS program and now have a couple of free tix coming, which we plan to redeem on this trip :) .) But can someone tell me if the same is true of Copper-- ie, no great deals at King Sooper any more? I see on ebay one can buy 2-for-1 coupons or coupons good for $44 (weekday) or $50 (any day) tix for a few $$$ per coupon, so maybe that's the only way to get a discount. But would appreciate any information that would help me decide whether to go the ebay route or else plan to buy once I get to Denver.


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I'm not sure if you can get discount tickets at King Soopers anymore but when I drive through Silverthorne/Dillon/Frisco I see signs advertising discount tickets, I just don't know what mountain or what the discount is. Sorry I can't be of more help. :cry:


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Vail resorts (Vail, Keystone, Breck, etc) are tough, you can usually save $3 per ticket at King Soopers in Denver. Also, the do som emulti-day discounts through their Peaks program.

@ Copper, I have used the Entertainment Coupon Book, Gold C. It has a bunch of Copper, Winter Park, Eldora, Sol Vista and other resort coupons. I buy it from a guy on ebay annually. Let me know if you want his info., well worth the $10 for the book.


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Please pass that E-Bay information along. I have a 7 Night trip to summit co. and would love to score a few deals on some lifts