Earned turns in Branson, MO


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After our nice little snow storm yesterday, I went in search of powder today. It wasn't hard to find since I had a few places already picked out. I picked out a route off the highway and hiked up to take a few runs down the hill. I was only 150 long, but still fun when you get to earn some turns. The snow was only about 5 inches deep, but it has drifts that were a little deeper that that. I picked out this spot because I knew if would hold some snow because of the north facing location. I did 5 runs down this little hill. It wasn't long, but it did a a decent vertical drop. I got some strange looks from people driving by, but heck I was having fun. I had fun while it lasted, but Tuesday all the fun will be gone. Only thing that would have been better is if I would have had some pictures snapped. I hope to get out again tomorrow at maybe snap some pictures.


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Well, alright Bill! That's dedication for ya! Would love to see some pix - get out there today.


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Probably the first ski report ever from Missouri! That's about as much snow as we've had this year in Ohio and we're supposed to be in a secondary lake effect snowbelt.