Greek Peak, NY 12-30-17


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Finally decent winter weather. Temps up to near 20F finally, 1-2" of new between overnight plus squalls much of the day. Skied the vast majority of the hill with just one short break.

I snuck in two extra runs at the end on a rather icy Oddesey trail, the race trail that I have so many memories on. Someday GP might figure out how to train their crew and make snow, but it sure isn't this year. Even in the bitter cold they are making mostly wet slop that will turn to ice.

Best snow on the hill was probably lower 2/3 of alcemene under the quad. Surprisingly soft with few scrapey spots, probably because it is narrow and too many afraid of being watched.

There were actually lines today even to the point of Trojan chair being full and also having to start up the old Chair 1 double. I was the final paying customer on it at about 3:30p before they dropped back to just the quad.

Now for roughly 0F temps for tomorrow. Probably no skiing in that as a guess.
Cell pics from the day. Mostly after the snow let up.


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Love the trees at the top of Odyssey. Too bad there's not enough cover.

How far does your family live from GP?
There is a high convenience factor. They have a place across the street.
Not the same day, but thought everyone might like these pics from Dec 27. If I recall, I think I was up about 250 feet from the "home" point.



A short video from our time in the area.

Sorry for the way the first clip ended up rendering as nearly unwatchable. The original video is not like that and i don't have time to goof around with the settings in the editor to get it changed (I did try several things and this was the best I could get).