Hope for South America Ski Season?


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Saw this on Facebook - early winter storm at Las Lenas with decent starting base.

We will see how the season progresses….

El Nino is supposed to be good for these places. The actual positive El Nino readings are not there yet, though I would not be surprised to see them by July/August. In 2005 Las Lenas had over 100 inches in both May and June so I was confident booking my first trip there. Average snowfall declines significantly in August vs. June/July and even more drastically in September. So booking decisions should be made on the basis of snow on the ground by mid-July, or earlier if there's a lot as in 2005.

The last above average season for Portillo/Valle Nevado/Las Lenas was 2009. During the last El Nino in 2015 May/June were dry but I booked after a 6 foot dump in early July. There was one more big storm early August but not much else that season.
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Interesting. Did not know the Andes were front loaded snowfall-wise. Will have monitor season progress for Las Lenas.

In 2016, the snow was front loaded - especially in July. Not too much snow in August when I skied for 5 days (Portillo, El Colorado, La Parva, Valle Nevado) before the Rio Olympics. Although I did get one down day where it snowed 6”.

Places like the Dolomites, Andes, New Zealand….you have to ski them when they are ready/dictate.