I'm Back!


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Well I figure that here is the best place for this in the ol Snowsports Technique Forum. Some of you may remember me around here but anyone who has joined in the last year or so will not. Here is the rundown for those who care...

I am still living in NW Pennsylvania and teaching at Peek 'n Peak... not like it is open at the moment. I run Wilderness Lodge her ein PA which is the oldest X-C skiing venue in the state. http://www.thewildernesslodge.net

I moved up here from Pittsburgh about a year and a half ago and took over the lodge and it has been great. Well... relatively so as we are currently closed. There is a great lake effect storm going on right now but it is supposed to get warm by the wekend here so we will see what happens.

I got Married in August to Holly who was as it seems my 4:30 lesson every Saturday in the winter of '05.

As of now I have 6 ski days on the season all of which at the Peak which is currently closed... Hopefully Brad and the guys over there will get that new snowmaking expansion cranked up tonight with these cold temps and we will see some deep white flying.

At any rate I'm glad to be able to come back in here... Sorry I was gone so long.
Thanks for the kind words guys... I have missed this place a lot.
I wish that I had some good news to report but there is not much. At Peek 'n Peak they are getting back under way. The new snowmaking system that was installed this year is fantastic. It can lay down (with the right temps and hiumidity) a very soft and dry snow that is totally skiable right out of the gun. None of that super thick gun snow that reminds me of peanut butter.