Interesting Story on Wilmot Mountain


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All I know is I don't have to ever ski Wilmot Mountain again :)
Seeing that map brought back some not-so-great memories of having no option but to ski it and places like it.
Ski hills like Wilmot *are* great for getting people interested in skiing, however.
Thanks for posting this.


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On the contrary, I love my ski experience in Wilmot Mountain, well. that was my first ski vacation with my friends so it was the most memorable for me. :-({|=


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Wilmot is still the closest option for most people in NW suburbs of Chicago. Since Vail took over, they've poured a lot of money into the lodge, snowmaking, lifts, and ski school. Probably the best deal around to get Vail/BC level instruction for a fraction of the resort prices.

While it's not more than a couple hundred vertical feet, it still wets the appetite for flatlanders to get on skis/boards and seek out more challenging terrain.