Jackson Hole - Shut down for 7 days??


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kingslug":1979b6nx said:
I like them......
Perhaps not as annoying as some other writing quirks (on another forum, one poster starts everything with "Hey there say, ...", and I mean *everything*), but still, it gets old.
I see from their website that JH has completely shut down for the day (never really opened), due to high winds and extreme avalanche danger. Not too often that you see them shut down the entire ski resort. And during the holiday week, UGH. They're giving refunds on lift tickets (and lessons, I presume?). I'm sure it's a pretty big financial hit for the ski resort.
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Its pretty crazy up there. I'll be there Saturday, hope it "calms down". Conditions should be stellar though.

Yes, should be great skiing. I'm envious! Looks like more snow in the forecast for Jackson through the weekend, at least.


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They can keep the 90 mph winds though. All they need is another power outage. Just read the weather report..wow..partly sunny Sunday, our first day, then nukes again monday. 150 plus base, 474 inches. Going to be a good one.

Tony Crocker

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OpenSnow shows high temps at Jackson Hole continuously 19F or lower through Monday, which is what you need by this time of the season.

Mid-mountain snowfall since Nov. 1 is 324 inches, which unusually is about the same as Targhee. The chronic SW flow in 2016-17 favors Jackson over Targhee, as it also favors BCC over LCC.