Jay Peak 10/14/07 - Caution Thin Cover

DD Powder

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This pretty much says it all.

Here are some specifics:

9am North Andover - Sunny, 50 degrees.
11am Franconia Notch - RA/SN mix 36 degrees.
12pm Sheffield Heights - Cloudy 41 degrees...uh oh.
12:30pm Jay Base - Cloudy 38 degrees.
2:00pm Summit - ~27 Degrees -SN/IP and those familiar Jay winds.

There was a dusting of snow down to ~2500' and 2" on the summit that consisted of a crusty inch and a half with a lighter half inch on top. Could that be considered powder on a base?

Well the riding was what you'd expect but we actually were able to make some "turns" in grassy areas devoid of rocks and other nasty stuff. Yo-yo'd the top a few times and had some heart pumping grass sliding down lower. Overall this was one of those days rock boards live for! It wasn't pretty but it kept my off season under 4 months with my last day being June 16th at Tucks. It just felt great to be on a mountain again with snow.

Here are the goods. No action shots worth posting sadly.

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At this point we decided to bring one board between the two of us.

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Truly desperate!

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The scenic shot on the way up.

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Some good rime on the summit.

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The proof!
Frankontour pops his head in? Wow ! This is crazy, congrats ... you deserve all my respect !