JAY PEAK VT , APRIL 14 , 2017


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Skied Jay on Friday ( April 14 ) still excellent coverage ( glades and all ) . No snow anywhere except up on the mountain but natural trails were still holding up . On Friday, the report had 70 of 78 trails open . Considering the grass in the valleys is turning green and you can still ski ski most of the glades is quite remarkable .


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The sooner the better. Even in big years like 2001 and 2008 eastern lift service is hanging by a thread by the time you get to May. When I had a business trip East at end of April 1990 I went to Tuckerman's Saturday and Killington Sunday. It made me understand why there can be 2,000 people in Tuckerman's on a nice spring weekend.

If you want to keep skiing in May, come out here.
Yup, Jay Peak trail count dropped to 50. No surprise as very warm out but there is hope as temps have cooled off today.


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