Keystone next week, anyone?


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Skidog":312695lt said:
Admin you know you really wanna bust out your favorite snowblades....just bring sure there wont really be anyone there to throw rocks.... :lol:


Very funny. :roll:

Pick you up @10. Ready for a road trip?


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Oh, my, that thread is a real treasure. :shock:

I actually rode the lift yesterday with others who agreed that the event was out of control, especially with so little terrain open. I won't be surprised if it's the last year.


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jamesdeluxe":2v68wz8g said:
According to someone in this thread, this'll be the last one at Keystone.

I sent this link to Admin when he told me that their 36hours was over. I was thinking of posting it over here. Happy you did. Great entertainment value, I only read the first post.