Killington VT 11/4/00


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It's still Rime and upper East Glade. One triple chair on intermediate terrain with maybe 700' of vertical. The cover on Rime is excellent for this time of year and it's thin only on the extreme skier's left. East Glade has been converted into a really lame snowboard terrain park. Skiing on Saturday started out flat, firm, and fast since it was groomed and then froze up overnight. By 9:00, it was totally edgeable in warm, cloud-free sunshine. Typical for an early season Saturday, the entire world showed up at 10:30 and it was quite busy until about 11:30. Moguls started forming around 9:30 and were about 2' by 12:30 when I bailed out for the day. Friends who got there at 1:00 said the place had mostly cleared out by then and they had it to themselves for the last few hours.