KMart 12/8-12/9


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Us workin' stiffs missed out on the best of the natural snow from the 2+ feet that fell earlier in the week. The combination of extensive snowmaking on advanced terrain and pretty good cover on the natural snow trails made for some great skiing and I skied things that have never been open the 2nd weekend of December in my 25+ years as a Killington regular.

The woods:
Not quite baked yet. I did a The Light, a Low Rider, and a Patsy's Panties. Still lots of deadwood, stumps, and rocks to deal with.

Natural snow trails:
I skied Escapade, Vagabond, Northstar, Great Bear, Old Needles Eye, and Thimble. All were excellent on Saturday and getting pretty abused by Sunday afternoon. I did Escapade early Sunday morning on good skis and took a core shot that will need a base weld.

Snowmaking trails:
Conclusion was great on Saturday, upper Ovation headwall, middle Ovation, Panic Button to Needles Eye, Vertigo on Sunday was fantastic.

No Needles Eye quad or Skyeship Stage 2 yet so much of the new terrain required a traverse back to the Superstar quad on the Snowshed crossover. They still aren't running a lift at Snowshed even though there is plenty of snow there. They're still working on the base lodge. You would have thought it would be cheaper to run a lift rather than run all the shuttle buses.

Saturday was fairly busy but the people were very spread out. The K1 had a moderate line. Superstar was maybe 5 minutes at the longest. The main Killington lot filled early. Vale was full. Cars were parked 3/4 of the way down the access road. The inner Snowshed lot was mostly full with a half-dozen rows full on the Rams Head side. You could move in the K Base Lodge but it was as busy as it's been all year. Like usual, Sunday was 2/3 of the traffic and lots of people cleared out by noon.

The place needs another foot or two of natural snow to get the good terrain skiable again. The woods really need more than that.


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I also poked around in the woods on Monday after all the hub-bub. I carefully checked out area's near superstar and the toilet bowl. Agreed, that we are really just 1 good 4-8in storm away from really being able to ride safely in the sticks.
They did a smart thing and groomed out alot of the trails sunday night, so that when the 1-2inches that fell monday AM, there was nice trail to ride. We mostly hit the cruisers off the superstar because there was some fresh dust to push around on top of a nicely groomed base.
I woulda hit Mondays big storm, but i was holed up with an interview at 1pm and i thought better of it, to skip it!! :D
See you on the Killington/Pico slopes!


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Geez, what's up with the Vermonters moving to NH? First Riverc0il, now Pfunkride.

Pico will be opening tomorrow with 5 trails. Of course, us Pico enthusiasts would never ski/ride closed terrain. 8)

Wish I were there.