Lady Musgrave Island - October 4, 2020.


My family took the 3 hour drive north to Bundaberg for the weekend to go on a boat tour to Lady Musgrave Island which is one of the southern most coral cays on the Great Barrier Reef. It’s a fare hike offshore. About 2 hours northeast of the port steaming at 22 knots. The big cat is pretty impressive.
Leaving at 7am and returning at 5pm we spent the day doing an ‘ecotour’ of the island, cruising about in a glass bottom boat and snorkeling the reef edge. The snorkeling was beyond awesome. We were swimming within a couple of yards of green turtles, black tip reef Sharks and a multitude of fish including big coral trout, red throat emperor, spangled emperor, blue parrot fish, venus tusk fish etc. Millions of small coloured fish were present including clown fish of Nemo fame. Other highlights were colourful corals of many types and starfish.
Do you people get coral trout in North America? Are they called that? A truly impressive fish to admire, catch and eat. ... oral-trout
The tour passed my value test at $600 for my family of four which included an impressive lunch and two smaller snacks mid morning and on the way home. (An all day activity for $150 is ok nowadays in my view. Skiing is one other that ticks the fun/value box).
A few random pics.


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Tony Crocker

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My first ever scuba diving was on Heron Island, a similar boat travel distance from Gladstone. It was July and I was surprised by the combination of that much spectacular coral and water only 66F. We were on Heron Island two nights and weather was overcast with some drizzle except for the last morning, which had the best snorkeling. In poorer weather the fish tend to stay deeper. These islands have an abundance of turtles and are major nesting grounds during the summer. We saw plenty in the water but none on land like sbooker's pic.