Lake Superior Waves & the Edmund Fitzgerald


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Back in the 90s and early aughts I spent a lot of my winter weekends on Superior’s south shore skinning around with friends in MI’s “Porcupine Mountains” or out on the Keweenaw, and a lot of my spring weekends whitewater kayaking the rivers of the south shore with the spring runoff. At the end of the day, we would often drop into some local bar for beers and a burger. If there was a jukebox, that song was often on it. However, it was understood to be an unwritten rule that it should not be played unless the person playing the song had cause to play it, i.e., had some connection to one of the crew, many of whom were from the south shore.
Thanks for sharing this.

A little disheartening to read above that a substandard modification of the ship potentially caused the wreck.