Loveland, CO 11-28-10


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I headed up to Loveland since I haven't gotten my Eldo pass yet (long story, but no I can't just show up at the pass window), combined with the knowledge that Eldo only has 3 1/2 runs open on the upper mtn. Given the huge snows so far there was no way I was going to limit myself that much. Ski days the next couple of seasons are way too much of a premium to me.

The day started out blue bird but with snow squalls coming in by just after noon. I hit Chair 1 first for several runs with a much more tentative than usual first groomer run - baby time just takes so much out of your fitness level that I was unsure of myself at first. I quickly settled into the rhythm and began the swing around the basin hitting chair 6 (flat), Chair 2(flat), Chair 4 (OK bumps), and then Chair 8 for a half dozen laps before swinging back around the lifts again for lunch. The typical Loveland breeze was cold but not overwhelming (just cold enough to keep me from taking a lot of pics - only a 'few'). I think this is only the 3rd time I've spent much time over on Chair 8. Not much pitch, but still fun rolling blue terrain. I'd guess about 2/3 of Loveland is open with all chairs except #9 (the ridge) being open. The only snowmaking going on was in the terrain park.

After a short lunch, I hit chair 1 again for 5 runs down all of the single diamond bumps that are open. Definitely a bit boney in certain spots, though no bones at all in large sections of the pitches too. Mostly easy to avoid if you were paying attention. I'm actually glad I didn't get the privilege of 2" of fresh by afternoon since it would have just covered the rocky spots. By 2:30 my legs were done and I headed home for the 4-8pm babysitting shift. All in all a good first day with no lines more than about half a dozen chairs (the main lot got almost full, but not quite). Meanwhile, down at the valley they were running FIS races with a very international field (all of the local Loveland race kids were up at the basin doing drills today).













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mikesathome":3mxyr7t4 said:
Not looking to bad. Like the Panoramic picture

Thanks. Some of the exposures don't quite match so it gets dark in the middle, but I was in a hurry to get skiing!

jamesdeluxe":3mxyr7t4 said:
I'll be there for a day or two during the third week of January

Hmmm. A super crazy busy week for me work wise. May be able to ski Saturday if you're still around though...