Lutsen Article - Stephen Regenold Strikes Again


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There's at least a little hyperbole in this peice, but he's got a good feel for the place.

Some good pics in the attached slide show as well. No green tint. :wink: ... index.html

Check out the map to the left of the article and you get a good understanding of how it's possible to hear wolves at night in Lutsen's neighborhood. With the BWCAW, the Superior National Forest, 8 large state parks along the shore, as well as state forests, MN's arrowhead is largely undeveloped.
Stephen Regenold was the featured speaker at Saturday's breakfast at the NASJA annual meeting. He's one of the few who makes a decent living primarily from online media, 3x what he made as a print journalist. In 2007 he contacted me for info on a "Top 20 Snowiest Ski Resorts" article he wrote for Forbes Traveler: ... story.html.