Mid winter in Noosa Queensland - but no snow.


Now I understand there are many places in the world that don’t get cold.
I had the weekend just gone in Noosa which is about a 1 hour drive north of my house. For those that haven’t been to Australia if you do head down under this part of the eastern coastline is a must see. We rarely get truly oppressive hot weather (although the humidity in summer is considerable). All forms of water sports including surfing, all types of fishing, paddle boarding, kayaking etc are first class.
Saturday’s maximum temperature was a typical 71 degrees F.
Despite the ideal weather the local businesses are really hurting due to the border restrictions. Many holiday makers from the southern states usually flock to the Sunshine Coast in winter.


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Tony Crocker

Staff member
On our July 1997 family trip, my ex Becky and Andrew went to Noosa while Adam went ahead to Queenstown for skiing.

In November 2012 Liz and I stayed in Rainbow Beach and had a day trip to Fraser Island before moving north to Cairns for scuba diving and an eclipse. We flew in and out of Brisbane on that tip but did not know sbooker then. If we had, we would have lobbied hard for him and family to see that eclipse. We were with Aussie eclipse chaser Joe Cali, who arranged lodging and car rentals, leaving other tourist plans to the discretion of visitors. For other Aussies it was just a quick and modest 3-day trip to see the eclipse.

Becky, Liz and I were all very impressed with the Aussie beaches in southern Queensland.