Mont St-Bruno - (QC) - Oct 29, 2007


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This evening was my first skiing for the 2007-08 ski season...

I went to Mt St-Bruno, just a few kilometers away from Montreal. they blew much of snow this morning, so after leaving job, I went with my ski buddy at the mountain. It was passed 6PM when we reached the ski area, but the gates were still open, so we entered and there was still a bit of snow to ski, on the main trail.

So it was not exactly the quality that Pat has gotten at Loveland (ouch NO !) but it allowed me to begin my ski season in october for a 4th time on the last 5 years ;)

Here are a couple pics of my evening there. Note that even with the spotlights, it was hard enough to take some good pics with the cam...

However, a short movie in HD (in french though) will be available by tomorrow on


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Here are the proofs...

BUT : note that it was almost impossible to ski, so this was a total lack of control, especially on my 1st run, because :

1) 1st run of the season
2) 2" of snow and rocks of 4" on the way
3) boots not enough tight
4) Fudge, I forgot to put a 2nd pair of socks, because these boots are 1½ size too large for me.
5) Not my usual skis (these are some old straight skis that I generally use in october and june)

so yes, I know my skiing "is extremely bad" (I would say a bad word here) but there's no need to analyse it please guys :)

(you will understand that I doubted a bit before to put the video here)

it's in HD 720P
Go for it ,you probably have the record for the first to ski in Quebec this season :D .

On another note , I have always found it interesting how they fire up the snow guns this early when any snow they make is just going to melt away as 24 hour above freezing temperatures are in the forecast including a above average warm day for tomorrow. This is especially true with low elevation places like St. Bruno and MSSI . Talk about money down the drain :wink: