More Rain on the way


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It seems that we will have more rain by the end of the week. I wanted to go to Sugarbush on Friday with friends but I don't know if I'm gonna go because of this crapy weather <BR> <BR>I would perfect -25 degrees without those mild temps


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It looks like this warm weather and rain are really starting to melt alot of snow. I just looked at the webcam from Ski Plattekill at <BR> and its starting to look ugly. <BR>The Freefall trail on the far right side is growing large bare spots, this trail is pictured in my report from 2/14/04 with lots of cover. A friend of mine skied Mt Snow yesterday and said that there were large bumps on the north face trails, but very little natural snow cover in southern Vermont. The long range forecast is calling for colder weather and snow by mid next week, hopefully this short term warmth will not <BR>return for a while.


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Ya, the mountains might get a little rain, but not nearly enough to wash away the base depth. It might get scratchy on a few trails this weekend, but look for a full fledged return to winter by next week. I think after this warming trend this week, we will return to a nice cold pattern into early April. Just wait this rain out and next week we will return to favorable conditions. <BR> <BR>Hopefully Frank will get another opportunity to come to Cannon later on in the season. <BR> <BR> <BR>porter


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I cross my fingers for that, Porter !!!! <BR> <BR>What a bad season for Cannon and the NH in general <IMG SRC="" ALT=":("><IMG SRC="" ALT=":("><IMG SRC="" ALT=":("> <BR> <BR>I hope we'll get these march storms !!!


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Eric, <BR> <BR>This message is probably too late for you. Do I had epic ski days in March/Avril when it was raining everywhere except high elevation. I remember having one at Sugarbush North in April when it was raining at the base, but snowing big time on the upper part of the mountain. <BR> <BR>I also had the same experience at Cannon around March 30, 1997. Days like these, you remember for years!!!