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Where is your favorite place to ride? What mountain range?
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I'm not sure this is a genuine post but if it is welcome to the forum. (Can a newcomer themselves welcome someone to the forum)?

There are some very well traveled skiers on this board so they may offer a more diverse opinion than myself. I personally live nowhere near any mountains so I have to travel a significant distance to ski. I've checked out ski hills in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, USA, France, Italy and Austria but skiing in most of those places has been limited to under 20 days.
So for what it is worth I would say my favourite 'mountain range' to ski would be the Wasatch in Utah - specifically Alta/Snowbird. Surely this area is the world's best lift served skiing? Super quality snow, great quantity of snow, consistency of snowfall and truly diverse terrain - these ski areas have it all. I would think the only negative would be it can get busy but personally I've never experienced significant crowding (even between Christmas and New Year).
From a scenery perspective however I'm sure most would agree the Dolomites in Italy win hands down.

Tony Crocker

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As one of those well traveled skiers, I have little dispute with sbooker's comments. Dolomite scenery is unique, but Chamonix and Zermatt are equally impressive IMHO. James can comment on the Jungfrau region, which some reviewers think is comparable. The actual skiing there doesn't go up as high into that scenery as at Chamonix and Zermatt though.