Mt Holly 1/3/09

Mi Skier

New member
Went to Mt Holly on Saturday night. Got there around 3:45 in the afternoon the parking lot was around 90% full I drove up to the lodge to drop off skis and found a spot in the second row. They had all the lifts going from 4:00-5:30 when they close for gromming (they made sure that the high speed lift had 4 people on every chair and they were checking lift tickets all night) .Skiing from 4:00-5:30 most of the softer snow was pushed off to the sides after gromming things were much better. After 6:00 they still had 6 of 7 lifts going. I made some were between 20-30 runs so i figure i skiied some were aroud 7500' of vertical not a bad night.