Potential for and ESD at Jay Peak


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I just checked the JP report, sounds like an ESD may be in order: (Emergency Snow Day)

Heavy Snow at 10:30am

Heavy snow is currently falling here across the resort and has been for several hours. Forecasters are calling for an additional 2-3" over the next 24 hours or so.

With 4? (1? Sunday night, 2? throughout Monday, 1? Monday night) of new snow in the 36hrs, conditions today will be fabulous....

source: http://www.jaypeakresort.com/page.asp?intNodeID=16131

(Hmm, even JP is getting into the superlatives.... well, everything is relative. I can't believe I'm getting excited about 4" of snow...)


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the forecast for the week is calling for snow showers up to an inch everyday through friday in the valleys. the oppurtunity is definitely there for jay to receive up to a foot by the end of the week with all these small showers. folks who booked pres vaca week at jay choose wisely.